Aliens on Planet Tobacco
Aliens on Planet Tobacco
Aliens on Planet Tobacco. Member reactions:
Thanks swashbuckle,sullishere,lucianomorelli
Eeeeeeuuuuuuwww hahahahaha good one. Creepy.

Funny Tobacco Rifle

Tobacco Rifle
Member reactions:

Funny Tobacco Jousting

Tobacco Jousting

Funny Van Gogh Tobacco Tin

Van Gogh Tobacco Tin
"I used to love collecting these old tobacco tins when I was a kid."
Member reactions:
Nice execution, good idea of putting his pic on the tin
Great job, well done with this merging the image over here and well done with the titles "pipe and cigarette" its looks so real
Congratulations. I liked the concept & execution from the start.
Congrats Wiz, looks like he belongs on the box
Congrats on the gold, Wiz. Masterful use of the famous Van Gogh Portrait in tobacco advert.

Funny Tobacco Ash Perfume

Tobacco Ash Perfume

Funny Bruce Lee with Chewing Tobacco

Bruce Lee with Chewing Tobacco

Funny French Tobacco Ban

French Tobacco Ban
Was it the tobacco that killed him, or the shock .
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Congrats Apraxine Good anti-smoking image.
Nicely done---beautiful image and a well-deserved Silver.
Well done Apraxine - smart entry. Congratulations on the silver.
Smoking in bed is dangerous : in the bathtub too .

Funny Vitamin C Tobacco

Vitamin C Tobacco
Finally I can cure my scurvy.
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A day without a cigrus is like a day without respiratory distress.
don't smoke the seeds they may pop you in the eye

Funny Tobacco Tires

Tobacco Tires
The all new tobacco based tires... take a whiff..
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it was just a smoke screen to win the race
the guy on the right's hand looks strange
Good idea but not done so well. Terrible masking/edging job on the runners, I don't know why this one hasn't been DQ'd.
The guys don't look like they are there, they are cut out poorly, and the guy on the left looks blurry for some reason. The idea had potential to be better.

Funny Tobacco vs Pot

Tobacco vs Pot
First Canada, now the UK...
Member reactions:
Smoking cigs OR pot is bad for you, TOTALLY NOT funny, or something to even joke about.
I don't know...SOME of us actually NEED it. Even our Doctors say so..
I can sense the THC eating your brain cells from over here.

Funny Tobacco Weapons

Tobacco Weapons
According to World Health Organization (WHO), every year more Americans die from tobacco smoking than from murders or any military operations. The tobacco related fatalities include those caused by secondhand smoking. To rephrase the famous quote... "Guns don't kill (as many) people, cigarettes do." To increase the world awareness of how tobacco puts our lives at risk, photoshop tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, smoking pipes) as weapons (or being parts of weapons). Many thanks to jerrylambert for the themepost. Please note that the submission and vote times have been shifted by 12 hours for this contest.

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