Toast for Obama Care.
Toast for Obama Care.
Toast for Obama Care..

Funny Star Trek Toasting Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek Toasting Leonard Nimoy
I missed the tribute contest to Leonard Nimoy. With the exception of Spock, every single person is constructed from multiple sources. Please view full and let me know what you think. (For those non Star Trek fans, all of the depicted actors in this scene have passed on. Including the show's creator Gene Roddenberry in the foreground.) Here's a work in progress.
Member reactions:
Captain Kirk should be in the Captain's chair, not Scotty.
All of the people in the image are dead. William Shatner is not.
Forgive my ignorance, who's the guy in the suit. What.. That hot Yoman is dead....
The guy in the suit is Gene Roddenberry, he created Star Trek. His wife played Nurse Chapel (standing behind Bones) along with the voice of the computer on all the Star Trek Series, along with Number One on the pilot episode, and along with Luaxana Troi, Deanna's Mother on Star Trek the Next Generation. I was trying to convey the feeling of old friends meeting again in the afterlife.
Great Work, it's a keeper,I almost remember the first shows, a long time ago.
Nice tribute, seen every episode, well done, and best off all... Spock with emotion.
And Paul......... Scotty did run the ship a few times when everyone else was on the away team
Super Tribute, Hidden. Masterfully Assembled.
Yeah, great tribute to all of them. Hard to believe it has been 50 years
Brilliant tribute, and I love the WIP. Choosing this as Picture of The Day
I also modified it after the close of the contest. Turns out the Yeoman on the right there.... is still alive.. However Spock's dad and Khan, are not. link
Grace Lee Whitney hasn't passed yet. She's still in the land of the Quick...

Funny Toast Book

Toast Book
Member reactions:
whad'ya mean I never comment.. Nidal who.

Funny Breakfast with Obama Toast

Breakfast with Obama Toast
Member reactions:
Nice work-you are getting better at this PS artistry.

Funny Sperm Yolks on Toast

Sperm Yolks on Toast
Member reactions:
...that's funny Cool idea.
Okay. I have to admit John when I see this it always tickles me.

Funny Firemen Toasting Marshmallows

Firemen Toasting Marshmallows
California Fire Is Pushed Back Please view full version. Source news story
Member reactions:
Full View brings out the impact of your chop;great.
nice, haven't seen HDR used here for awhile.
Full view is flawless. I dunno, we have a professional working in the (FN) house. The chop rocks.
Absolutely full view. Very nice work. I'll tell ya, the smoke has just about choked us out a few times. They set back fires down the road about 12 miles to keep it from backing up on us but smoked us in the process Orange sky is pretty though. Nice perspective on the water drop and the characterizing is pro
Xaos, you are on a roll, man. Winning gold after gold after gold. Congratulations.
another great win Xoas and congrats on graduating
Congrats Xman.. Great use of source pics.
Felicidades por la victoria. Cada vez mas seguido en el podio, eso es muy bueno.
Congrats Xaos on another great image and victory...
xaos ... you are totally ROCKING ..... congrats on the gold and hope to see more great works from you

Funny Toasting with Beer

Toasting with Beer

Funny Iran Toast Breakfast in America

Iran Toast Breakfast in America

Funny Women Toasting Marshmallows on a Fire Painting

Women Toasting Marshmallows on a Fire Painting
Member reactions:
Quality concept. I would lighten the edges of flames a bit.

Funny Toast in the Shape of Iran

Toast in the Shape of Iran
Britain studying Iran standoff options
Member reactions:
Not sure Supertramp had this in mind..hehe. Gave me a chuckle, the missile finned utensils are priceless.
... This is awsome... Love the knife & fork missiles.
kind cartoonish but idea and execution is so outstanding, well done
I could imagine this on the cover of Time Magazine. Satire and Photoshopping in its best form. My favorite in this contest.

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