Toad Lying on a Lilypad Playing a Saxaphone
Toad Lying on a Lilypad Playing a Saxaphone
Toad Lying on a Lilypad Playing a Saxaphone. Member reactions:
Thanks Crafty,lucianomorelli,and Newsmaster
Awwww, Fantasy sax, my favorite hehehehehehe

Funny The Unicorn & The Toad King

The Unicorn & The Toad King
Member reactions:
, not sure what it means but it definitely has charm
Thanks Crafty,Splat(Cane Toads Do Rule),and Hitspinner.Yeah Hit,I don't know what it means either,just weirdness from my twisted mind

Funny Toad Lady of Lily Pond Portrait

Toad Lady of Lily Pond Portrait
Member reactions:
Could be great with some retouch around his neck.

Funny Hillary Clinton The Toad

Hillary Clinton The Toad
Member reactions:
I wonder what would happen if I hold a fly up to my monitor screen...
Her tongue may beat the monitor to death Thanks all this is my actual first attempt at a caricature.
LoL I agree Newsy

Funny The Toad Movie

The Toad Movie
Member reactions:
Awesome job done in misspelling the Road to Toad and well composed the poster adding a big toad to it well done

Funny Obama Toad

Obama Toad
Tiny frog claimed as smallest vertebrate ever Mine's smaller, yells irate ichthyologist*
Member reactions:
. But why is obama-frog on a Indian coin.
Looks so real, you found the smallest tiny frog nicely executed.

Funny Lady GaGa Wearing a Toad Hat

Lady GaGa Wearing a Toad Hat
Lady GaGa carries her prince with her...

Funny Flipped Toad

Flipped Toad

Funny Bat Toad

Bat Toad
Member reactions:
Killer Chop no doubt, just a tiny note if I may, the green of the hands and the wings, needs more tuning with rest of the body
You may. I made a few touch-ups. Thanks for the tip
he 's great,,reminds me of anatomy drawing class ,, all muscular. dramatic. very cool.
thanx for considering my tip, now it rockes....
Superb art here. The blind eyes scare me a bit here, I would try some yellow or red eyes here with a black pupil
I did try those variations, Newsey. But nothing worked as well as the Funkwood Signature "Deadeye" There is just something terribly creepy about blind creatures that are predators. That is about as badassistic as it comes.
Wicked work Wise one, Congrats on the Silver..
When I was a wee lad, my mother, divorced as she was, took me to a blind man for dicipline when I became too unruly. I was put in a room, sparcely furnished with few places to hide. The belt he held and his deeply cragged, gray hide only amped up my horror. No matter where I turned those milky dead, useless eyes seemed to track me. I wasn't aware it was my breathing that gave my positions away. At 5 years old, you don't think of these simple things. No, you are convinced that the decaying old beast that smelled of stale cigarettes and sweat has supernatural powers. It was the azz-whooping of my lifetime. Yeah, mom was a bit of a nutcase. But she came around. The last and final time she tried to take me there I jumped out of the car window once I realized where she was taking me. The car was only going about 20 MPH and I was only slightly damaged. Circa 1958 or 9 Thanks for the votes, guys. Don't let anybody tell ya Hitspinner ain't real. Cheers
Beautiful work on the frog, loved it. Congrats on one he.. of a chop.
congrats hits,, and i see where you get your passion from
DEFINITELY should have finished in a higher position.. what do people vote on here.
Well that sure is kind, Geneg but 2nd is pretty high and a decent feat considering the competition. A lot of folks put on their A+++ game in this one. Was a really inspiring contest idea I thought. That gold cup is pretty ellusive and seems even more so since I realized I only need a few more to get into the top 10%. Ever since I set that goal I went from a gold cup every 8-10 entries to like every 25 entries. hahahaha Then HoHouse remindes me it could be worse hahahahahah
"Congrats on your silver Gong HS, well done you old bugger, go grab a beer on me." .

Funny Killed by Falling Giant Toad

Killed by Falling Giant Toad
"Believe it or not, there has been reports of our Queensland Cane Toads dropping down from the sky."
Member reactions:
Frogs and toads most likely picked up in a waterspout or tornado and deposited many miles from where they originally were. Fish have been picked up by hurricanes or waterspouts and deposited hundreds of miles from the hurricane just a hint about flying fish, frogs and toads. exelent chop
Gawd I h8 toads horrible creatures they are...they just won't die Really well presented magazine.
, I like the smashed reporter here. Good cover work.
Wizzz .. was my favorite. just hilariousP.
A classic indeed.. Gratz on bronze Wiz mate..
I have to say this one really cracks me up haha great and Congrats

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