Krispy Kreme Tires
Krispy Kreme Tires
Krispy Kreme Tires. It looks like singer, Harry Connick Jr. has a new gig.
Member reactions:
This kind of tyres can be easily recicled.
Methinks this rocks. Makes me crave donuts too.

Funny `YOU'RE TIRED!` Donald Trump

`YOU'RE TIRED!` Donald Trump
Illustrator Jason Seiler recently did a caricature of Donald Trump burning and I love it. I wanted to do one of him too and stumbled on what I believe was the reference photo Seiler used so I decided to do my take on that reference photo following his lead as far as exaggeration. I wanted him to be pitching a product and thought of his most well known "You're Fired." The only word that worked other than fired was tired, so I thought ... Energy Drink. "Trump Power" like Trump Tower. After a while I wondered, wait a minute, is there really a Trump branded energy drink. He does have a water brand. I Googled it and lo and behold. In 2004 The Donald DID, in fact, launch an energy drink named.... guess what.... Trump Power. But it failed and was Trump Trash as of 2006.
Member reactions:
GREAT. What's at the bottom under his hand, some extra stuff.
That's a paper on a blotter on the desk, I should probable make it more or get rid of it, probably more visible to ground him
Superb work, Hidden. Keep this up and Donald will put you to work marketing his products and his image. Very Kewl.
Great job RobbNewman Wonderful caricature and layout work I'm a big fan of Jason Seiler as are many I'm sure I especially like the way you did the hair. Nice to see your work, Robb the "NewMan"FN Congrats on the Bronze.
Bronze congrats, Robb. Excellent caricature.
Congrats on the bronze Robb, super job. But I think there's something colored green that recharges him even more, and we all know what that is, .
Thanks everybody. Yes, I'm the "New man" here, it's a great little family, I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for letting me in. I'm already learning a lot from all of you.
I STILL can't figure out how to talk with individual people here. Does "Reply" actually go to the person.
Hey Funkwood, does this go to you. I hit reply
Thanks Qtrmoonshop. Much appreciated. Did this go to you. I'm trying to figure out this reply button. It stays on the main comments does it go to you too some how. Am I an old dunce.
Congrats on the bronze Robb, your a gifted artist. Looks like a professional job, and was wondering if you paint from scratch like Jason Seiler does. You nailed Trump perfectly.
No Robb, just click on his name, his stats pag will come up, then somewhere up in the left column it will say, "Message User" That is your private, or semi-private line. Congrats on the cup, great graphic work.
If anybody is interested here's the Trump painting process
One masterpiece of a caricature. Congrats on the bronze, Robb.

Funny Woman on a Tire on a Ski Jump

Woman on a Tire on a Ski Jump
Member reactions:
She is playing now... there is no fall... but good job in changing her dress texture and the jacket good creativity
Great chop H House, a definite contender.

Funny Willie Nelson Tired of Music

Willie Nelson Tired of Music
Member reactions:
Excellent Looks very nice in short body and huge face Good thinking and nice expressions

Funny Racing to Finish Line with a Blown Tire

Racing to Finish Line with a Blown Tire
When you have a blowout near the finish line go to plan 'B'
Member reactions:
Congrats winning the Bronze penaplonk, great job.

Funny Tired Of Being Alone

Tired Of Being Alone
Member reactions:
Cool... Very well done, like the baby in cold and its freezing... good job done

Funny Changing a tire on his Lamborghini

Changing a tire on his Lamborghini
I guess street art pays off..
Member reactions:
Street artist doing the work of a mechanic looks real and great job
Very well merge, fantastic shadow work, I like it

Funny Tires From Space

Tires From Space
Illegal Calhoun County Tire Pile Seen From Space

Funny Tired Characters in Old Painting

Tired Characters in Old Painting

Funny Chinese Invention Square Tires

Chinese Invention Square Tires
New invention by the Chinese, Square TIRES
Member reactions:
Hilarious concept, and very clean execution.

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