Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer. Click Here For The Song
Member reactions:
Cool Image. Thanks for the song link. Sir Elton John's youth and performance in the video blew me away. .
Tanks Splat, Yeah we were all that young back then.
Really like this, has a pleasing look and perfect for the song. Built from scratch.
Thanks Boss, Yes it's scratch built including all of the background.
Really admire these entries built from scratch...nice work gummy

Funny Tiny Face Trump

Tiny Face Trump

Funny Tiny heads after Guinnesssss

Tiny heads after Guinnesssss
Member reactions:
Nice work, what about giving Teddy a tiny head as well ...
Thank you, Qtrmoonshop. I can but Eddy did not drink Guinness.
Teddy just tried to drink a little beer and ... we can see result. I did not want but Mr.Qtrmoonshop recommended to give bear beer too.
I love this one. I sure hope their heads go back. I wanna know if Mr. Bean' s vocal cords were affected. I'm imagining the sounds of an angry chipmunk.

Funny Old brain doesn't fit to my new tiny head anymore

Old brain doesn't fit to my new tiny head anymore
Used source:
Member reactions:
Thank you, Hobbit. It is hard contest because we can't use politicians.

Funny Tiny Ship

Tiny Ship

Funny I'm Not Short.. I'm Tiny...

I'm Not Short.. I'm Tiny...

Funny Tiny Helicopter

Tiny Helicopter
Member reactions:
Nice job, the guys who fly these would love it and I went to school with one, gonna send it to him.
Congrats on the Silver (best of the bunch, in my opinion).

Funny US Presidents Descending a Tiny Air Force One

US Presidents Descending a Tiny Air Force One
Air Force 1/2

Funny Tiny Train on the Track

Tiny Train on the Track
Check out source if you have time, thanks. SOURCE

Funny Tiny Show Thrown at George Bush

Tiny Show Thrown at George Bush

Funny Tiny Brains

Tiny Brains
Do we use 10% of our brains? The brain is an amazing thing: weighing just over three pounds, it's packed with nearly 90 billion nerve cells that help us think, move, feel, learn, and experience the world around us. But how much of that massive mental potential is left untapped? Create images of entertainers (no politicians) with TINY heads. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Tiny Weapons

Tiny Weapons
If you think fidget spinners can be dangerous toys, wait until you come across a kid playing with a toothpick crossbow - and then take cover. The new gadget toy appears to be selling like hotcakes in China - much to the horror of concerned parents across the country. The tiny crossbows fire toothpicks powerful enough to break cardboard, apples or even soda cans. Some cities worried the toys can cause serious injury have now banned them. According to Chinese media, cities like Chengdu, Kunming and Harbin have already banned sales of the toy, while parents in Hong Kong are also raising concerns. Miniaturize any weapon, make it as absolutely realistic as possible! For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny One Tiny Hand, One Huge Hand

One Tiny Hand, One Huge Hand
There's an interesting site called "One Tiny Hand" that featured photos of celebrities with one hand subtly photoshopped into an itsy bitsy hand. Let's make things more interesting - take any celebrity and change one of his/her hands into a tiny hand, and change the other hand into a huge hand.

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