Tin Austin Mini
Tin Austin Mini
Tin Austin Mini. Member reactions:
Great job. Only nit-pick is the left rear frame should be more to the left (perspective - compare the driver's window).
Congrats On the Win , Denlig. Great Work.
Reduction of a mini Great Job congrats

Funny Dictator Shao Tin Pu who Waged War on Ukraine

Dictator Shao Tin Pu who Waged War on Ukraine
Wanted dictator who waged war in the Ukraine. Presumably hiding in China. Left dictator's dog Koni and right dictator's Press Attache Dmitri Peskov. It will happen in 2016 or earlier.
Member reactions:
nice Imagination..Looks Good in the costume...
Great blending. On the right is Putin's Press Attache Dmitry Peskov with his hair shaved.
Easy to hide with those dresses in china.
But not with those faces and not sure China needs them.

Funny Tin Man's Shoe Car

Tin Man's Shoe Car
Member reactions:
Super creative, out of the box thinking. ....

Funny Tin Can Cell Phone

Tin Can Cell Phone
Member reactions:
Laughing my arss Off reminded me my boyhood

Funny Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno in Tin Tin Movie

Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno in Tin Tin Movie

Funny Barack Obama the Malfunctioning Tin Robot

Barack Obama the Malfunctioning Tin Robot
Member reactions:
If Free robots batteries not included, then put some solar plates excellent work done and like the freaky smile of Obama
Great combination of Obama smile and the thing
Rajeshstar: No solar panels-we don't want him to get up. Great work Awesome60.

Funny Tin Man & ScareCrow Gay Wedding

Tin Man & ScareCrow Gay Wedding
Since I could not find good rear images of the characters, I had to do them from scratch.
Member reactions:
Good to see Tin Man again, the weeding on the dreams looks like a fairy tale scene nice way to present those butterflies
This is it, I like it so much great thought with excellent execution, good luck
Very Interesting Concept Selection. And very beautifully done.
Congrats Vicspa....looks like a total re-creation

Funny Van Gogh Tobacco Tin

Van Gogh Tobacco Tin
"I used to love collecting these old tobacco tins when I was a kid."
Member reactions:
Nice execution, good idea of putting his pic on the tin
Great job, well done with this merging the image over here and well done with the titles "pipe and cigarette" its looks so real
Congratulations. I liked the concept & execution from the start.
Congrats Wiz, looks like he belongs on the box
Congrats on the gold, Wiz. Masterful use of the famous Van Gogh Portrait in tobacco advert.

Funny Tin Man's Will Ferrel Heart

Tin Man's Will Ferrel Heart
Member reactions:
Who is the man inside. I am English so don't know, sorry.
It is Comedian Will Ferell. He did a bit with Christopher Walken about the band "Blue Oyster Cult"...They needed more cowbell...
Tinman well done with this potrait full of flowers beneth, great job done

Funny Dick Cheney as the Tin Man

Dick Cheney as the Tin Man
...if I only had a heart. Oh wait, I'm Dick Cheney and that's really not a problem for me. Cheney recovering after heart transplant
Member reactions:
Mr.Tinman with heart power
PSM, your right. Thanks for the input. I missed that for sure. Too late to change it now...
ha ha, very funny expression by hoding a Axe and a clock. Good job on nose with a hole
Once Again the same image, but with new efforts, look very nice
Silver congrats TDC , try to work on your voting skills next time...
Thanks to everyone for there comments. Chili, I vote what I feel it deserves, sorry to not follow the flock.
Congrats on your 1st silver TDCap. Real nice looking chop, and well conceived. "He'd be tender and gentle, and awful sentimental, regarding love and art ...
It's a CCC chop = Clean, Clever, Cool. Congrats on the silver, TDC.
AZ, gtr, NM, nepa, thanks for the comments. I really needed them today. GB.

Funny Tin Man

Tin Man
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this tin man image (photo credit Cal KT) any way you wish. Some examples are - making the tin man perform stunts, putting this tin man into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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