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Next time pay with money !Funny Next time pay with money !
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Time FliesFunny Time Flies
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I think this this could be a great entry even without flies and rats.
Good idea to explain with an example regarding time flies

Meal TimeFunny Meal Time
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Half baled Gay-Puppy ha haha , Freaking concept
Lovely . A nice touch could be to invert meals between the two.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Tim.

In a Different Place and TimeFunny In a Different Place and Time
Member reactions:

Circa 1953 at the BeatHaven in New York City. And now, here's one that'll take you way back ... BEST VIEW SOURCE IMAGES
Beethoven... very cool. Many brilliant touches here from the L V B buttons to the personalized piano. One question.. what brand of portable media player is he using.
Thank you gentlemen NewsMaster, that's actually the 1953 Sonotone 1010 , World's First Transistor Hearing Aid.
Great Composition. And I love to seeing the source images. Even though I do note a bit of a difference between the saturation of the wax figures face and Ronny's' hands, this is a Superior chop nonetheless.
Thank you S.S. , I adjusted the saturation on the hands and face ... I hope that's better.
Kewl. Much better. Because I will not suggest things that I don't try myself, I actually saved your previous version to tinker the colors on and was able to compare them. Looks good. I also like the way you dissipate the smoke from the cigarette. Looks more natural in comparison to many. Good Luck Hidden.
That's a perfect work in many ways, respect.
Thanks again SplatShot Thanks Evirio, and thanks for the r-e-s-p-e-c-t
The musician in your picture looks very sombre, also intent on what he is doing. I would love to hear the music he is playing. Your work is well composed, I like it very much.
The musician in this picture looks very sombre, almost like he is staring at someone with dislike in his eyes. Maybe he is merely concentrating on his music, I'm not sure. It's possible he wants more money in his glass too. Anyway, this work of art has many features in it to keep your interest. I like the monkey that hears no evil too but surely he hears no evil sounds coming from the musician who has placed him there. You have given us a very interesting scene to gaze at. Excellent piece of work.
Excellent job. Perhaps the proportion of the microphone compared to Beethoven, a bit 'too big.
great work, i like veeeery much the ambientation, the particulars of the hairs are amazing bravo my friend
Thank you twicely, JoanMckay Thank you Ricky Ricardo, your words hold much weight for me, my friend Thank you Marco, you were right about the microphone I made it smaller and I think it looks much better. Thanks again
Now is fantastically perfect. Among my favorites.
Great job with lot of matching details.
Welcome back, Billy Mac.
Outstanding job bringing LVB to life and I love the stag setting. Congrats on the gold, very well done
Congratulations on winning the Gold, Quarter. A Perfect Piece of Work.
Many Thanks to everyone . . . I'm honored, a lot of great chops in this one ...Special thanks to SplatShot and PSM for the helpful suggestions.
Congrats mate Billy. And thanks to you to. Show off your wonderful chop.
My friend beethoven is always beethoven... is a beautiful job and deserve the gold cup maaaaaaaaany congrars from my heart
Pixje my friend.... hai toppato stavolta ehi ma elvis dove finito.
Congrats, Bill. You certainly know how to put up a great show. Thanks for answering about the hearing aid - makes perfect sense for LVB.
Thank you kindly, gentlemen.
Greeeeeeeeat and wonderful gold my friend.... l am happy for you, this gold is very deserve, manyyy congratssss
Really, l love the works whit much objects, whit more little particular, are much complete much....... mhhhhh.... aaak yesss: COMPLETE ... AGAIN GREAT GOLD

No Time For TouristsFunny No Time For Tourists
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'When in Rome...'
Uniform shadows of the guy make the background scenery look like a flat wallpaper. Fix the shadows and you have an awesome chop.

Mommy's Alone TimeFunny Mommy's Alone Time
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Looks beautiful, but not really more 2014 than Renoir's time
Thanks Evirio. Actually the furnishing style is one of the most modern trends. Designers call it Shabby-Sheik. It is the art of taking old furniture and items and putting modern colors and treatments to them. Admittedly, the effect is a bit lost due to the painterly effect here but the style is the latest rage in Southern Ca. I 'm probably too far ahead of the 8 ball or too far behind
If you say so, well, you turned some modern stuff into old using your filter, what is, to me, risky, but pretty well done.
You are right. I appreciate your input. My mission was to get as close to Renoir as possible, just as a personal challenge. That is mainly the reason I picked Shabby-Sheik. It allowed me to stay a bit closer to the genuine feel. I don't do much of this master's matching styles though I have won a few of these types of contest. But I never expect to win. Too many others are much better. I consider these sort of contests as back to basic exercises, really vital to expanding skills. They force me out of my comfort zone. So win or loose I still win. Thanks mate, good luck to you if you entered.
Thank you, for your picture, which I find really delightful, and opened my mind to new ideas. I like how you created perspective here. It also reminds me Van Gogh's backgrounds, in a certain way.
Outstanding technique here. Though, indeed, if elements were more modern this would be even better.
Dunno how this could have ended at the 12th spot... Probably tight competition and the vintage/modern issue played part here...

 Pigeonguins on Times SquareFunny Pigeonguins on Times Square
Member reactions:

Polar Vortex shift alters penguin migration patterns. Global warming to blame.
One of my favorites in the contest. Looks very real.
I thought so to and was a bit surprised it did not do much better.
I appreciate the sentiments, folks. I think the more surreal styles generally fare better--They certainly do require skills beyond my own. In any case, as I said, it was fun and the praise is no small consolation prize.

Time to FlyFunny Time to Fly
Member reactions:

He'll have some problem in eating the big penguin
5th... not bad. Drum roll please... There's just something fishy about this chop

A Time To MournFunny A Time To Mourn
Member reactions:

Turn, Turn, Turn
Nice caricature. Impressive the face expression.
The hammer in his pocket is a nice reference to one of his songs.
Had this in my top 5, good job love the feel.
Thank Ho and every one.

mandela came timeFunny mandela came time
Member reactions:

Wonderful idea, pity it is late for contest
Decent work, this would definitely do well in the Mandela contest.
Bolt turn Mandela in heaven. .. at kast reached
thank you for your excellent comments - IN HONOR MANDELA

Time Person of the YearFunny Time Person of the Year - Time magazine has named Pope Francis "Person of the Year", saying the Catholic Church leader has dramatically changed the perception of the 2000 year old institution in a very short time. This honor puts Pope Francis in the company of U.S. President Barack Obama, Pope John Paul II and Russian President Vladimir Putin, among other prominent world figures Time magazine has picked in past years. Choose your own (worthy or unworthy) person and Photoshop him/her on the TIME magazine cover as 2013 Person of the Year. Real or fictional celebrities (from movies, cartoons, paintings) are all welcome.

2012 Time Person of the YearFunny 2012 Time Person of the Year - The editors of Time magazine will officially name the magazine's "Person of the Year" on December 19 on the Today show. However, before the magazine's pick is announced, Time ran a poll among its readers and found that the majority (over 5 million voters) chose Kim Jong Un as "Person of the Year". While the readers' choice is not an official magazine's pick, it does speak volumes when they pick a dictator who did not make a public appearance till 2010, and hardly has any accomplishments under his belt except "inheriting" the country from his father, and trying hard to rule like him. The poll was conducted online, so anyone in the world with an internet access could cast their vote. One thing is for sure - over 5 million of Time readers think that "dictators are cool". Perhaps it's "time" for the magazine to rethink why their content attracts such audience. Choose your own (worthy or unworthy) person and Photoshop him/her on the TIME magazine cover as 2012 Person of the Year. Real or fictional celebrities (from movies, cartoons, paintings) are all welcome.

Hollywood Time TravelFunny Hollywood Time Travel - March 8 at 2am the USA and Canada sprung forward by an hour and stepped into Daylight Saving Time. The EU and Russia will begin Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, March 29. Although it's not exactly time travel, adjusting the clocks by an hour forward does have a direct effect on people - they lose an hour of sleep and feel grouchy all day. Photoshop time travel of Hollywood actors by putting the actors from the older movies into more recent movies, OR putting the actors from the recent movies into old movies. TV shows are acceptable too. Some examples are: making Steve McQueen act in "Harry Potter", or making Brad Pitt act in "Some Like it Hot", etc. Either movie stills or movie posters are acceptable.

Celebrity Time TravelFunny Celebrity Time Travel - Boxofficemojo has published the toplist of time travel movies based on their gross ticket receipts. Surprisingly no movies could beat the 1985 box office success of the first installment of "Back to the Future" - not even the Terminator or Star Trek flicks. Ironically, if you want a large box office for time travel movies, you have to go back in time to the 80s. Photoshop time travel by placing any famous person out of his time. Think of the examples like what Einstein could be doing nowadays, or what movies Scarlett Johansson would star in 1950s.

Presidents Out Of TimeFunny Presidents Out Of Time - This is a themed contest. Do not edit the theme post. In this contest we are asking you to use your creativity and create a U.S.President in a different time period as in the theme post. You may use any U.S. president in your image as in this theme post by nilo. Another example could be to show Abe Lincoln boarding Air Force One or Ronald Reagan delivering the Gettysburg Address. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical Freaking News entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here. Thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest.

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