Party all the Time
Party all the Time
Party all the Time.

Funny Time machine

Time machine
I used this source
Member reactions:
Congrats on the wood, Hids.
Really nice. Simple but effective. I bet Katy'd like this.

Funny Is time to sleep

Is time to sleep
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious. Love the chess clock.
Well done. Why is "MARIANPRED" on the curb.
Some confusion with lights and shadows. Man on the left is blurry.
Fantastic piece, and lil cat steals the show..

Funny It takes me a lot of time

It takes me a lot of time
Member reactions:
A month long dump, , that has to be a record Nicely done T5C.


New York's JFK airport starts Ebola checks
Member reactions:
, that's probably not so far from the truth.

Funny columbus all time

columbus all time
Member reactions:
Excellent Caricature... Obama with a freaky jewels of Obama with a note of I love america is really awesome good one
pacovilla, I agree about "drastic changes". The edits after the voting starts are meant for technical and small changes. We'll have to restrict the editing ability of those accounts that do such big swaps through the editing period. Hidden author - you are welcome to make any big changes if you wish but please do so before the voting starts. and again, Obama does not have to be in every chop.
Excellent chop... I am not sure of what the history was on the changes you had to make but just be clear about what you want to say and who in the chop you pick to help you say it... before you start. The message/statement is more important than the technical expertise of delivery. That is soooooooo vital to follow when you do commercial work for hire. Congrats on the white gold young man.

Funny First time in grandma

First time in grandma
Member reactions:
Some shadows are needed from all the characters. The baby is hilarious.
Funny.... Me thinks Hillary would beg for such a body well done and congrats on the silver
Thank you, MsgtBob, Paul, Silvercanine, NewsMaster and Gummy.

Funny Big Time Birthday Celebration

Big Time Birthday Celebration
Member reactions:
Hahahaha that's funny, making him so short. Ice cream rather than cake sounds like a way better deal. Congrats on the cup, Doc. Well worked chop
Super Clean,Congratulations on the Wood..
very funn y making him tom cruise size. congrats.

Funny Time To Fall Apart

Time To Fall Apart
50 is the magic number when it all goes to he11
Member reactions:
This is cool. Would be even cooler if the body suit was as high res as the rest of it.
ha ha ha Creep.. Nose could be implanted like this Flying fish and Eyed glasses...whola full of extreme ideas
Creative work, but the low resolution blurry costume part really takes away from it. I see you tried some filters and did some brush work to make it better, but there's only so much you can do with the low res sources. The costume looks painted now, while the rest of the composition is made with photo sources
Anyway a great chop for the idea and the execution.
Congrats on the win, Hits. If I am not mistaken this is the second time you used this suit source, and my best guess is that it originally (before you touched it with filters and brushes) was either a photo of some toy statuette or it's a still shot from a 3-D game.
We simply do the best we can with the source. I searched hi and low for a larger version of this cool toy but found zilch. Not being one that invests a couple of hours looking for the right dressing I said to meself, "Paint over it and use it anyway, they're a sharp enough lot to see the challenge." turns out I was right. You guy appreciated the effort so all is well that ends well. I was just a little overly ambitious given the deadline for entry. With a few more hours I could have hammered out all the dents but like so often... just ran out of time. Anyway, thanks for the high votes, it was above an beyond what I expected ... OOO NM, Doc, Luciano, eric, Ilovelayers, balodiya and 420
I made a hard copy print. I got some paint and put it on the little feet of a roach and let him walk on the face. Topaz clean is another way to get the effect hehe Thank you Elegary and 420

Funny Nine times

Nine times
Sharks nine times more likely to kill men than women, study says
Member reactions:
This crazy..... Women are lesser prone to attack of sharks crazy news

Funny Time Person of the Year

Time Person of the Year
Time magazine has named Pope Francis "Person of the Year", saying the Catholic Church leader has dramatically changed the perception of the 2000 year old institution in a very short time. This honor puts Pope Francis in the company of U.S. President Barack Obama, Pope John Paul II and Russian President Vladimir Putin, among other prominent world figures Time magazine has picked in past years. Choose your own (worthy or unworthy) person and Photoshop him/her on the TIME magazine cover as 2013 Person of the Year. Real or fictional celebrities (from movies, cartoons, paintings) are all welcome.

Funny 2012 Time Person of the Year

2012 Time Person of the Year
The editors of Time magazine will officially name the magazine's "Person of the Year" on December 19 on the Today show. However, before the magazine's pick is announced, Time ran a poll among its readers and found that the majority (over 5 million voters) chose Kim Jong Un as "Person of the Year". While the readers' choice is not an official magazine's pick, it does speak volumes when they pick a dictator who did not make a public appearance till 2010, and hardly has any accomplishments under his belt except "inheriting" the country from his father, and trying hard to rule like him. The poll was conducted online, so anyone in the world with an internet access could cast their vote. One thing is for sure - over 5 million of Time readers think that "dictators are cool". Perhaps it's "time" for the magazine to rethink why their content attracts such audience. Choose your own (worthy or unworthy) person and Photoshop him/her on the TIME magazine cover as 2012 Person of the Year. Real or fictional celebrities (from movies, cartoons, paintings) are all welcome.

Funny Hollywood Time Travel

Hollywood Time Travel
March 8 at 2am the USA and Canada sprung forward by an hour and stepped into Daylight Saving Time. The EU and Russia will begin Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, March 29. Although it's not exactly time travel, adjusting the clocks by an hour forward does have a direct effect on people - they lose an hour of sleep and feel grouchy all day. Photoshop time travel of Hollywood actors by putting the actors from the older movies into more recent movies, OR putting the actors from the recent movies into old movies. TV shows are acceptable too. Some examples are: making Steve McQueen act in "Harry Potter", or making Brad Pitt act in "Some Like it Hot", etc. Either movie stills or movie posters are acceptable.

Funny Celebrity Time Travel

Celebrity Time Travel
Boxofficemojo has published the toplist of time travel movies based on their gross ticket receipts. Surprisingly no movies could beat the 1985 box office success of the first installment of "Back to the Future" - not even the Terminator or Star Trek flicks. Ironically, if you want a large box office for time travel movies, you have to go back in time to the 80s. Photoshop time travel by placing any famous person out of his time. Think of the examples like what Einstein could be doing nowadays, or what movies Scarlett Johansson would star in 1950s.

Funny Presidents Out Of Time

Presidents Out Of Time
This is a themed contest. Do not edit the theme post. In this contest we are asking you to use your creativity and create a U.S.President in a different time period as in the theme post. You may use any U.S. president in your image as in this theme post by nilo. Another example could be to show Abe Lincoln boarding Air Force One or Ronald Reagan delivering the Gettysburg Address. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical Freaking News entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here. Thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest.

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