TIME TO GO WITH PEACE!. Member reactions:
Hmmmmmmm, lemmie guess who did this one hahahha Nice Job hidden
Thank you, Master HitSpinner. Please don't tell anybody.
I like the look on his face--he really looks sick.
Nice collection of guys. Need some rework on heads dimensions.
Top 5 Andrew. You just seem to float all around these top cups. That is a good thing. hahahaha Great job.

Funny Son, I told you last time stop use product you like from West!

Son, I told you last time  stop use product you like from West!
Member reactions:
This is great Nice Blue Eyes Best of luck.
Spooky child. He has got his father's eyes Is it a daughter or a son.
Is it a daughter or a son. - It is "putinoide". Thank you, gentlemen.

Funny the real Time Lord

the real Time Lord
Member reactions:
My son calls himself the TIME LORD. No mattter where he goes, he is late.
Decent work, but hair masking could use some adjustment - the drawing board is still partially visible around his hair

Funny Time has come to realize his dream!

Time has come to realize his dream!

Funny Night time reading

Night time reading
Member reactions:
Pretty cool. Did Merkel have an accident and lose part of her leg.

Funny Just believe me last time

Just believe me last time

Funny Shannon Time Cover

Shannon Time Cover
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver, Hits. Nice alien look.

Funny Betty White High Times

Betty White High Times
Stay High And Stay Golden
Member reactions:
Not always possible to find hi-res sources.

Funny High Times

High Times
It's my thought that the flag is sort of a scarecrow, and the chimp has tied it there in the branches to irritate the vultures. Sources
Member reactions:
Love it, colors work well and monkeys are my favorite.
Nice. If it's "High Times," then why not put a big fat joint between his fingers.
Thanks Hobbit. Thanks Doc. The chimp is holding a blunt. At least that is my idea, Doc. I also have a couple of other subtle references to cannabis as well. I'll post my source images later today. That may help.
Are you monkeying around again. Nice mood set.
Thanks, Gummy, Mbcat, Lu, D-man, and Eric. Thanks All... Thanks very much, Kellie, Jere, and Eric
Love the chop, well done, congrats on the win.
Congrats on the Silver, Splat Great execution, composition, perspective, and tonal quality strikes a distinct mood I especially like the contrast in expression between the open mouth vulture and the monkey .. and who doesn't love a monkey in a hat
Really awesome work Splat. Great composition and use of sources. The vultures are a nice touch. Congrats on the silver.
Congrats on the silver Splatshot, I love your piece.
... A fantastic job done with your sources, Splat. The monkey muggler with that hat, wears it well. Awesome Congrats on the Silver Win.
Thank you very much Gummy, Doc, Hobbit Bob, QTR, Funkwood, Robb, Andrew and Uncle-C. I spend a bit of time on the the color tones...I appriciate you mentioning it peeps. Yes...Qtr, I pulled the monkey in a hat card... Almost worked too... A really fun contest Admins. Thanks.
This rocks. Congrats on the silver, Splat.

Funny It's Howdy Doody Time

It's Howdy Doody Time
Tribute to the 1950's Howdy Doody TV show.
Member reactions:
Love it. Great Job. It's so much fun to look at. A great tribute to Howdy Doody. Them was the good old days... well, at least in some ways they were
Fun Choppage, Hidden. I don't remember this show. But I do remember Captain Kangaroo, Mister Green Jeans and Mr. Moose and ping pong balls... Your right Robb that was the good ole days.
I love nostalgia,history,old movies and Tv shows.Antiques and Icons.The past fascinates me.I was an 80's kid,but the shows of my Mom and Dad's generation are so awesome.In a world filled with terrorism and suffering,the past seems safe and comforting.Thanks Splatshot I know Captain Kangaroo and the whole gang.History never dies,it lives on in our hearts
Thanks lucianomorelli and Hit,sure wish I'd score a cup,sometime
I was actually in the studio audience when I was very young.
For those who do not know...the clown on the Howdy Doody show..."Clarabell" was indeed played by Bob Keeshan who then went on to be "Captain Kangaroo."

Funny Time Person of the Year

Time Person of the Year
Time magazine will announce its "Person of the Year" on December 10, and will feature him/her in the magazine's December issue. However, earlier this week, one of the Time employees already spilled the beans and leaked the December's issue magazine cover which we feature in the themepost. Should we really believe Time has chosen Vladimir Putin or is it just a clever photoshop hoax? If this cover is authentic, it will be the second time the magazine has honored Putin (first time being 2007). After the annexation of Crimea, Putin does not stop Russia's involvement in the civil war in Ukraine, even at the cost of his country being hit by the Western sanctions. That's a classic case when a man's ego is put in front of the nation's interests. And the Time's honorary award will only boost his ego. While we wait till December 10 to know for sure, choose your own (worthy or unworthy) person and Photoshop him/her on the TIME magazine cover as 2014 Person of the Year. Real or fictional celebrities (from movies, cartoons, paintings) are all welcome.

Funny Time Person of the Year

Time Person of the Year
Time magazine has named Pope Francis "Person of the Year", saying the Catholic Church leader has dramatically changed the perception of the 2000 year old institution in a very short time. This honor puts Pope Francis in the company of U.S. President Barack Obama, Pope John Paul II and Russian President Vladimir Putin, among other prominent world figures Time magazine has picked in past years. Choose your own (worthy or unworthy) person and Photoshop him/her on the TIME magazine cover as 2013 Person of the Year. Real or fictional celebrities (from movies, cartoons, paintings) are all welcome.

Funny 2012 Time Person of the Year

2012 Time Person of the Year
The editors of Time magazine will officially name the magazine's "Person of the Year" on December 19 on the Today show. However, before the magazine's pick is announced, Time ran a poll among its readers and found that the majority (over 5 million voters) chose Kim Jong Un as "Person of the Year". While the readers' choice is not an official magazine's pick, it does speak volumes when they pick a dictator who did not make a public appearance till 2010, and hardly has any accomplishments under his belt except "inheriting" the country from his father, and trying hard to rule like him. The poll was conducted online, so anyone in the world with an internet access could cast their vote. One thing is for sure - over 5 million of Time readers think that "dictators are cool". Perhaps it's "time" for the magazine to rethink why their content attracts such audience. Choose your own (worthy or unworthy) person and Photoshop him/her on the TIME magazine cover as 2012 Person of the Year. Real or fictional celebrities (from movies, cartoons, paintings) are all welcome.

Funny Hollywood Time Travel

Hollywood Time Travel
March 8 at 2am the USA and Canada sprung forward by an hour and stepped into Daylight Saving Time. The EU and Russia will begin Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, March 29. Although it's not exactly time travel, adjusting the clocks by an hour forward does have a direct effect on people - they lose an hour of sleep and feel grouchy all day. Photoshop time travel of Hollywood actors by putting the actors from the older movies into more recent movies, OR putting the actors from the recent movies into old movies. TV shows are acceptable too. Some examples are: making Steve McQueen act in "Harry Potter", or making Brad Pitt act in "Some Like it Hot", etc. Either movie stills or movie posters are acceptable.

Funny Celebrity Time Travel

Celebrity Time Travel
Boxofficemojo has published the toplist of time travel movies based on their gross ticket receipts. Surprisingly no movies could beat the 1985 box office success of the first installment of "Back to the Future" - not even the Terminator or Star Trek flicks. Ironically, if you want a large box office for time travel movies, you have to go back in time to the 80s. Photoshop time travel by placing any famous person out of his time. Think of the examples like what Einstein could be doing nowadays, or what movies Scarlett Johansson would star in 1950s.

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