Tigers in the Gallery Out of Bounds
Tigers in the Gallery Out of Bounds
Tigers in the Gallery Out of Bounds. These ladies got a shock when they saw the Tigers leaping out of the pictured.
Member reactions:
Horrified ... what if it happens in a Museum
Nice. but shadows are missing everywhere. .


"Hope that life treats you well 'cause you're a good man is like hoping that a tiger won't eat you 'cause you're a vegetarian" (BRUCE LEE)
Member reactions:
"vegetarian" = Cherokee word for "Bad Hunter"
Nice quote and chop. Is that a shave brush in his hand, or some poor guy's hair.

Funny Tiger

Member reactions:
Cool, but the lip liner needs to be more believable

Funny Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Funny Tiger Woods and Son Reading a Golf Book

Tiger Woods and Son Reading a Golf Book

Funny Tiger Woods and Baby Tiger

Tiger Woods and Baby Tiger
Member reactions:
Great job. Would be nice to match the kids face color better though (the face seems more yellowish than the read of the head)

Funny Tiger Cub in Zoo Is Named Obama

Tiger Cub in Zoo Is Named Obama
An Austrian zoo names a Tiger cub, "Obama."
Member reactions:
Dr. Silvercuspid...Bwahahahahahaha.

Funny Tiger Woods Has Back Surgery

Tiger Woods Has Back Surgery
Tiger Woods has back surgery
Member reactions:
so thats the secreat of such a perfect cooper
A clever puppy should stay a lot far from such a player
The clam fixed so well to match up the link the hot lady and the dog steal the show here
Great job.... really.... Congrats on the bronze
HAT-TRICK. You are racking-up those HAT-TRICKS Doc. Triple-Congratulations.

Funny Tiger in the Water Digital Art

Tiger in the Water Digital Art
Tigers are one of the two big cats that enjoy the water. They love to take a swim to cool off. digital art
Member reactions:
Good art work... looks natural with perfect reflection done

Funny Tiger in the Moonlight

Tiger in the Moonlight
A tiger guards the porch of this home.
Member reactions:
My computer's been giving me FITS tonight.
I'd like to live in that house on the water with the tiger, providing the tiger is friendly. Nice.
Thank you.

Funny Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger
The Year of 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. According to Chinese astrology, this will be a lucky year for those who, in their manners or behavior, resemble that animal. Good luck to Tiger Woods. To welcome the upcoming Year of the Tiger, photoshop what life would be like if tigers ruled the world. Some examples are - merge tigers with people and other animals, put tigers into world events, movies and paintings, etc.

Funny Tiger Woods Endorsements

Tiger Woods Endorsements
The "franchise value" of Tiger Woods has fallen into serious question these days. While he stopped making a living with golf (to save his marriage), his endorsement deals are shaken - Gilette pulled ads featuring Tiger, Accenture and Tag Heuer (maker of luxury watches) terminated all contracts with him, and Nike's "Just Do It" ads with Tiger already became a joke. Wood's other endorsement deals are in danger as his bad image is not adding any value to the endorsed products. According to global media tracker Nielsen, Tiger Woods has not appeared in a television commercial since November 29. Photoshop what other products and companies Tiger Woods may endorse now to keep making a living. Here are some inspirational examples. Endorsements and ads with Elin Woods are also acceptable in this contest.

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