Tongue Tied
Tongue Tied
Tongue Tied.

Funny Fish Tie Friday

Fish Tie Friday
Member reactions:
Thanks hobbit, The only thing I could think of.
Very nice but how do you ironing this tie .
I thought this was the winner. So simple and funny Congrats DD
laughed out loud when I saw this. congrats

Funny Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Hybrid President Tied Up in the Oval Office

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Hybrid President Tied Up in the Oval Office
Doctor appointment for presidential candidate Saderstrump in Dr.Obama office
Member reactions:
Nicely done Andrew. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Tie fighter Postage Delivery

Tie fighter Postage Delivery
Member reactions:
And bronze congrats too. I like how you did the scenery in the open door.
Thanks for the comment and the fav Armatien .

Funny Vladimir Putin Grabbing Barack Obama's Tie

Vladimir Putin Grabbing Barack Obama's Tie
Member reactions:
So O'Bama is agreeing to pay for Putin's war in Syria.

Funny Obama and Sharpton Tie The Knot

Obama and Sharpton Tie The Knot
It was only a matter of time before this happened.
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. Clever Political satire. The airplane congrats is a great touch.
Thanks, hobbit, Crafty, Andrew, Elegary and Newsy.

Funny Vampire and Victim Tied to a Tree

Vampire and Victim Tied to a Tree
Model 1: by Marcus Ranum Model 2: by Falln-Stock
Member reactions:
very disturbing, yet compelling. Well done.
No, you are there and communicating, Renegade. Which is a character trait that scores high on social and Aptitude test. You just prove you are a leader of men rather than a terrified observer. Great chop hidden, I firkin love it in all its mystery and grimness. Sorry for hijacking your thread
Well in this case I'll pitch my tent in the terrified observer camp. Damn we need to get you to a shrink. But it is some really fine chopping though.
Excellent piece of work. It draws you into the composition.
The more you look at the pic and the more you ask yourself what will then happen.
quality art, splt. kept me looking for quite a while, congrats.
Thanks Sai, RenG , Laff, Hits, Jeremix, Anur, Gummy, Joan, Balo, SwashB, Lu, and Doc. You make some good points Renegade. Ramble on. Glad you like it Hits. Jere. Were you hanging around in London late 1800's. Now... Gummy. you know I am as sane as you are. Exactly Lu, Thanks. Thanks very much Jere.
Congrats on the Bronze. Any other time this would have grabbed the gold like a hungry wolf. Really splendid.
Yeah what Joan said, If ya look at it long enough it looks like the leaves are following him.
Agree with Hits, a fantastic work.. Congrats S.S.
Thanks Hit-man...Gold, except that there were a couple of sharks swimming in front of mine. Great contest. Thanks, Gumster. Great Eye. The leaves are following him / or sheered toward him by the force of his presences. Thanks, Bob. Thanks very much, UncleC.
Great stuff SplatShot. Very eerie and moody feel to this one. Congrats on the bronze.
Thanks very much, Funkwood. A number of people told me it was disturbing. I suppose, maybe. I thanked them for the validation..
Congrats on the bronze, Splat. couple of sharks swimming in front. Yeah tough race but this is a gem nonetheless.

Funny Man Ties a Woman To a Rocket

Man Ties a Woman To a Rocket
it's just for fun
Member reactions:
Take me to the moon, baby Well, he did, hahaha.
Ha ha ha a real story of some Freaky couple...she must have listened
Was it true love . He is wearing a size 13 plus shoe.

Funny Demi Moore Ties Up Ashton and Mila

Demi Moore Ties Up Ashton and Mila

Funny Life is a Tie with a Double Knot

Life is a Tie with a Double Knot
* Life is a tie with double knot_winter is not spring
Member reactions:
Very well said, life is a tie with double knot, its full of challenges and you need to face it or die.... great job in this chop specially with the knots on the rope and the face of that man
Very Interesting job done Good Logical thinking good use of the rope

Funny Ties

These days in Holland you can see many street ads showing herring used as a necktie. The advertisements are for the biggest Dutch supermarket chain Albert Hijn. Photoshop neckties and bow ties any way you wish. Some examples are: add ties to famous paintings and statues, make ties from other materials (e.g. fish, stone, etc.)

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