Tropic thunder
Tropic thunder
Tropic thunder. Member reactions:
I like how you used the flames, and the colors work.
I think the flames are part of the original poster, crafty. nice merge with the added grain.

Funny Christopher Lloyd in Tropic Thunder

Christopher Lloyd in Tropic Thunder
Member reactions:
Check out the area under his chin. the source chin is still visible.
Lovely entry, type lets it down a bit. Try brightening it and using same texture on name and title.
Excellent. Love that mad scientist look on his face

Funny Abraham Lincoln in Tropic Thunder

Abraham Lincoln in Tropic Thunder
A U.S. Five dollar bill and the movie "Tropic Thunder"
Member reactions:
This should have placed much, much higher. What a bummer. Great fit and alignment.
Thanks bee, I always place poorly in the money art type contests, but they are fun.
I am with Bee. Love this entry. Should have placed higher. I missed the voting in this contest

Funny Pervez Musharraf in Islamic Thunder Movie

Pervez Musharraf in Islamic Thunder Movie
Member reactions:
If you guys haven't seen the movie, it is freaking hilarious.
This is really great, though I'm not sure if it should be there...below the butt of the rifle there's a black square, pretty defined lines.
Thanks Kellie, I found a few more while I was fixing it. I used about three fire overlays because the original text was impossible to clone over. I used fire from three different Tropic Thunder posters. I think I fixed it all.
Your 1st Gold Jerry in an advanced contest w00t.
, have to see that movie when it comes out. Congrats Jerry
It's one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time Rainman. Thanks again everyone, took me awhile to win my first gold trophy. I couldn't let Sid have all the fun anymore. He was starting to outrank me. I did put good time into this one.
I did find a mistake in this one after all, I wish we could edit even after contest is over.

Funny Jackie Chan in Tropic Thunder

Jackie Chan in Tropic Thunder

Funny Babies in Tropic Thunder Movie

Babies in Tropic Thunder Movie
DAMN dog. Wait till I find him.

Funny The Thunder Games

The Thunder Games
May the Gods forever be in your favor.

Funny Face Like Thunder

Face Like Thunder

Funny Libyan Thunder Nicolas Sarkozy

Libyan Thunder Nicolas Sarkozy

Funny Tropic Thunder 2

Tropic Thunder 2
Would have had to seen the movie. If you haven't I highly recommend it.

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