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Funny Thunder Pictures

Tropic thunderFunny Tropic thunder
Member reactions:

Check out the area under his chin. the source chin is still visible.
Lovely entry, type lets it down a bit. Try brightening it and using same texture on name and title.
Excellent. Love that mad scientist look on his face

Islamic ThunderFunny Islamic Thunder
Member reactions:

If you guys haven't seen the movie, it is freaking hilarious.
This is really great, though I'm not sure if it should be there...below the butt of the rifle there's a black square, pretty defined lines.
Thanks Kellie, I found a few more while I was fixing it. I used about three fire overlays because the original text was impossible to clone over. I used fire from three different Tropic Thunder posters. I think I fixed it all.
Your 1st Gold Jerry in an advanced contest w00t.
, have to see that movie when it comes out. Congrats Jerry
It's one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time Rainman. Thanks again everyone, took me awhile to win my first gold trophy. I couldn't let Sid have all the fun anymore. He was starting to outrank me. I did put good time into this one.
I did find a mistake in this one after all, I wish we could edit even after contest is over.

Tropic ThunderFunny Tropic Thunder
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Obama can't steal all of my thunder!Funny Obama can't steal all of my thunder!
Member reactions:

Costume that shock everyone in the party. ha haa

The Thunder GamesFunny The Thunder Games
Member reactions:

May the Gods forever be in your favor.

Face Like ThunderFunny Face Like Thunder
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Libyan Thunder Nicolas SarkozyFunny Libyan Thunder Nicolas Sarkozy
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Tropic Thunder 2Funny Tropic Thunder 2
Member reactions:

Would have had to seen the movie. If you haven't I highly recommend it.

Hillary Clinton in Tropic ThunderFunny Hillary Clinton in Tropic Thunder
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Usain Thunder BoltFunny Usain Thunder Bolt
Member reactions:

Faster than a Rasta Rockett, Usain Bolt .

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