Prince Charles with a Crown of Thorns
Prince Charles with a Crown of Thorns
Prince Charles with a Crown of Thorns. Member reactions:
Great blend. If he cant be a king he can be a king's fool

Funny The Thorned Dog Moth In Larvae State

The Thorned Dog Moth In Larvae State
Member reactions:
lot of diferent sources, well integrated, and well done... just the mouth distract me from a real animal. Also there are a green area under the dog's mouth wich i think would look better in the white tone, as natural.
To Skorpion: I can see how you've slightly mistaken a caterpillar with a dog head, thorns and a nice set of antlers as a "real animal" all because of the human mouth and tounge purtruding from it's back. Creativity comes from a fountain of inspiration. Absolutely amazing.
This is very good. I actually like the different colors on the dog's head/face and how just the nose is white. good luck. i could tell a lot of work was put into this. It's absoultly beautiful
The mouth looks pretty revolting,even if it's a fountain of inspiration
Amazing. I guess I don't like the "mouth" either, but it's all well done. You display a lot of skill here. Is this a Dogerpillar.
nice job, when we see the caterpillar the image is a little bit blur and the dog's face is so bright it draws away the attention(its only my opinion)

Funny St Jeromes Thorned Lion

St Jeromes  Thorned Lion

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