Putin as Thor
Putin as Thor
Putin as Thor. Member reactions:
Congrats on the twofer jeremix,incredible work
Congrats on the 2fer, Jere. Fooled Me. I had no idea this was yours.
A twofer.~Nice merge and composition. Congrats on the silver

Funny The Mighty Thor as a Woman

The Mighty Thor as a Woman
Chris Hemsworth and Julia Roberts Body.

Funny Thor and the Hulk Have a Chat

Thor and the Hulk Have a Chat
Member reactions:
Thank you. Actually it is mostly composite of shrunk and enlarged parts of the faces that are seamed back together and then cropped. It is a tried and true method used by Pike, Funkwood, Salis... all of em
Congrats on the silver and wood Hits,two great chops.Always love the bright colors
TY Luciano. Yeah, that was what I was going for... a toonish departure from the bobble head characters.
I am an illustrator. I do painterly style chops much of the time to raise standard photography to the level of a fine art chop. That is a pretty high purpose I am told as it opens more doors to the imagination.
Congrats great work as usual love the background

Funny Natalie Portman in Thor

Natalie Portman in Thor
Member reactions:
Excellent work. I wonder why her eye are sometimes yellow and sometimes green.
just because the original characters, that she has impersonated, had that colour in the original poster.
Excellent. Very good choice of sources and clean job.
Clever choice of the movie and superb blending. Looks pro.
Now that is different. Cool idea and a great chop. Top 5 congrats

Funny Thor in Vikings Movie

Thor in Vikings Movie
Mjölnir, yar isa goot hammer.
Member reactions:
Here comes the judge, wish I could produce a 6 like this.

Funny Thor with Ballet Legs

Thor with Ballet Legs
Member reactions:
.... the Hammer replaces with the roses gives a lovely touch to the thunders.... good legs too...

Funny Thor was a Scottsman

Thor was a Scottsman
Member reactions:
Looks like the God of the Dusk, great lighting effects
Quality work. Nice to see you again, Tarkus.

Funny Mighty Thor

Mighty Thor
Mighty Thor,(from carrying that hammer)

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