Thought Police Book Featuring Mark Zuckerberg by Barack Obama
Thought Police Book Featuring Mark Zuckerberg by Barack Obama

Funny Barack Obama Thinks Of Excuses

Barack Obama Thinks Of Excuses
Obama underestimates ISIS
Member reactions:
I think you are into fonts like me so here are some I think I am going to download Chalk Fonts Cheers mate, really clean chop
Yes, I have the chalk fonts as well, Tim but didn't want to use them here.

Funny Man Thinks He Is An Owl

Man Thinks He Is An Owl
Drunk driver climbs tree and tells police he is an owl.
Member reactions:
Crazy fellow..... good work on his face and the Tee Shirt with Owl tattoos in his hand well done
I too think of him as he looks perfect Owl now
Earth people, you just have to laugh. Great chop Doc. Congrats on the trifecta
The guy has lost it - there's a fine line The guy must be a frequenter at Hooters, and being an owl Congrats on the wood too, Paulster - 3 out of 4 is great.

Funny Lindsey Graham's Lost Thinking Cap

Lindsey Graham's Lost Thinking Cap
Member reactions:
Great work... nice view of Muscles and face in two different views Great job done in the eyelid wide open
Very well said that Missing Thinking hat and showing his Bare Brain
This is scary because it looks real. Good job

Funny Einstein The Thinking Neanderthal

Einstein The Thinking Neanderthal
Neanderthal +Einstein + Tom Sellec's mustache

Funny What My Sister Thinks of my Singing

What My Sister Thinks of my Singing
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha look at her face a perfect expression

Funny Miley Cyrus Speaks Before Thinking

Miley Cyrus Speaks Before Thinking
Critics slam Miley Cyrus Over Tweet Perceived to be Anti-christian report says
Member reactions:
Good job done near the Ears, like to see the hand coming out to shut the mouth, do not hear and speak anything bad. Think and Speak wonderful
Ear dont want ho hear.. Very crazy composition. like it.
Thanks for the great comments rajeshstar,balodiya,krrish & eric. By the way.. ericnorthend is an awesome name. Trueblood Fan.
Great concept. Excellent execution... congrats.
So clever. I take my hat off. Congrats on the silver, toledo.

Funny Backwards Thinking

Backwards Thinking
Deep Concentration
Member reactions:
Fantastic chop, Nice to see, even the shadows is supporting the image. good one

Funny Obama's Wishful Thinking Of Mount Rushmore

Obama's Wishful Thinking Of Mount Rushmore
Member reactions:
Renegade...that's why it's Obama's Wishful Thinking.
EXCELLENT. Just one thing. The ears are WAY too small
Nicely executed . . . not sure why he's replacing our first Pres though, as opposed to being added as a fifth . . . and maybe a few more men down there on the job . . .
Thanks, Kellie...thanks, Ganmerlad...thanks, gary21629...thanks, qtrmoonshop.
qtrmoonshop...if you don't understand why he's replacing Washington, you just don't get the point.
I was just hoping you might explain . . .
like qtrmoonshop, I don't get why either (it might be obvious to a certain political bent but not to this Dem), but that doesn't stop the image from being really cool.
glad to see you again with another work full of humor. Congrats Monsieur pcr .
Thanks, JoaoN. Thanks, robinbobin. Glad I can make you laugh.
Excellent work Paul, silver congrats Happy to see again your unique funny work.
Congratulations Dr. 'C'. Another stellar example of the artistry of the humorous chop Volume # 1.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3...thanks, G-Man...thanks, ibou...where have you been.
A real beauty of a work if you ask me. Impressive how you did the stone texture. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Excellent chop congrats on FN-POD. The Big O would probably like to have Lenin & Marx up there with him as well.

Funny Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box
"People who think outside of the box try to find innovative ideas or solutions for Freaking News Competitions. "
Member reactions:
Nice use of the cubed cloud wallpaper u found, fits idea well.

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