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Funny Thinking Pictures

Something to think aboutFunny Something to think about
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Do You Think It's A Trick?Funny Do You Think It's A Trick?
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Man Thinks He Is An OwlFunny Man Thinks He Is An Owl
Member reactions:
Drunk driver climbs tree and tells police he is an owl.
Crazy fellow..... good work on his face and the Tee Shirt with Owl tattoos in his hand well done
I too think of him as he looks perfect Owl now
Earth people, you just have to laugh. Great chop Doc. Congrats on the trifecta
The guy has lost it - there's a fine line The guy must be a frequenter at Hooters, and being an owl Congrats on the wood too, Paulster - 3 out of 4 is great.

With these glasses I thought it was snowFunny With these glasses I thought it was snow
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Bumpy ride on the stones... thinking it as snow with goggles very crazy idea
Cool idea. Blended so well, it looks real.

Where do you think you're going ?Funny Where do you think you're going ?
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Think of tomorrowFunny Think of tomorrow
Member reactions:

This is an awesome marketing strategy to be used in FN chops hope your sales grow up after seeing the difference in the Pics

Think bigFunny Think big
Member reactions:

It took me a minute to understand what is there in this pic.... well done in replacing South America

Member reactions:

Assaad contemplating the use of gas, before the deadly attack.
Great Caricature.... he is inspecting the chemical reaction before the attack
Nice Smoke effect Good expression on his face
Great lighting and blending. Congrats Benzibox.
Congrats on the cup. Sad reminder, great chop

Lindsey Grahams Lost Thinking CapFunny Lindsey Grahams Lost Thinking Cap
Member reactions:

Great work... nice view of Muscles and face in two different views Great job done in the eyelid wide open
Very well said that Missing Thinking hat and showing his Bare Brain
This is scary because it looks real. Good job

Who do you think you are?Funny Who do you think you are?
Member reactions:

, do you know Russian. That Putin's phrase on the wall "We'll smash 'em in a doodiehouse" is classic
On the wall text: "That kind of person we will kill in the restroom". I found it from Putin famous speeches.
What a fantastic work here, quality chop, Putin's hand is very well detailed and the smoki looks is mind blowing, restroom is so creative full of freaking stuff, I just love this entry
A great Heavy Hitting Chop Wanderer. love the way Putin just put his head thru the urinal and then made him wear the t-paper
I'd really wished see that job between the top 4, was one of my favourites in this contest. Undervoted, in my point of view. Anyway, congrats by the effort, Wanderer. Great job

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