Obama's Wishful Thinking Of Mount Rushmore
Obama's Wishful Thinking Of Mount Rushmore
Obama's Wishful Thinking Of Mount Rushmore. Member reactions:
Renegade...that's why it's Obama's Wishful Thinking.
EXCELLENT. Just one thing. The ears are WAY too small
Nicely executed . . . not sure why he's replacing our first Pres though, as opposed to being added as a fifth . . . and maybe a few more men down there on the job . . .
Thanks, Kellie...thanks, Ganmerlad...thanks, gary21629...thanks, qtrmoonshop.
qtrmoonshop...if you don't understand why he's replacing Washington, you just don't get the point.
I was just hoping you might explain . . .
like qtrmoonshop, I don't get why either (it might be obvious to a certain political bent but not to this Dem), but that doesn't stop the image from being really cool.
glad to see you again with another work full of humor. Congrats Monsieur pcr .
Thanks, JoaoN. Thanks, robinbobin. Glad I can make you laugh.
Excellent work Paul, silver congrats Happy to see again your unique funny work.
Congratulations Dr. 'C'. Another stellar example of the artistry of the humorous chop Volume # 1.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3...thanks, G-Man...thanks, ibou...where have you been.
A real beauty of a work if you ask me. Impressive how you did the stone texture. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Excellent chop congrats on FN-POD. The Big O would probably like to have Lenin & Marx up there with him as well.

Funny Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box
"People who think outside of the box try to find innovative ideas or solutions for Freaking News Competitions. "
Member reactions:
Nice use of the cubed cloud wallpaper u found, fits idea well.

Funny Robert Duvall on So You Think You Can Dance

Robert Duvall on So You Think You Can Dance
Member reactions:
Thanks now that's stuck in my brain forever.
Hilarious. I like how you made them anorexic, and one with the big beer belly.

Funny Think Positive on Christmas Barack Obama

Think Positive on Christmas Barack Obama
Member reactions:
You might want to edit the word s***s for family consumption. Just a thought...
Yes, the S word better be edited, but great entry otherwise. Poor Obama.

Funny Barack Obama's Wishful Thinking

Barack Obama's Wishful Thinking
Member reactions:
Thanks, Kellie. "Clean" is my trademark, if nothing else.
Overall, nice job. However, some of the objects don't have the same light source and some light sources are more extreme than others. Just my opinion.... I like the little rodent on the bottom waving the flag, cute
My, this must have used HEAPS of sources and TONS of work. Hats off.
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Newsmaster...heaps of layers...tons of work...but lots and lots of fun. Thanks for noticing.
This is fantastic. The details and lighting and shading are all top notch. I know your work and this is my favourite of yours to date. Congrats.
Thanks, Shorra and Doxieone. I appreciate the comments very much.

Funny Jack & Bobby Kennedy Thinking

Jack & Bobby Kennedy Thinking

Funny Athens Guard in So You Think You Can Dance

Athens Guard in So You Think You Can Dance

Funny Man in Deep Thought at his Desk by Degas

Man in Deep Thought at his Desk by Degas
Member reactions:
The background reminds me Escher style too

Funny `Escargot? I think NOT!` (--Anklebiter)

`Escargot? I think NOT!` (--Anklebiter)
So many Ideas; so little time.

Funny They totally think I

They totally think I
Hee-hee. They totally think I'm playing.
Member reactions:
I guess its better then blowing it out your trunk-bone
I wish I had thougth of that when I used to play the saxophone...my parents would have never caught me.
or, alternately: http://static.flickr.com/19/110023706_62773fe69f_o.jpg

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