Things Go Better with Ebola Ad
Things Go Better with Ebola Ad
Things Go Better with Ebola Ad. "You can really taste the virus." Coming soon: Diet Coca-Ebola Cola
Member reactions:
Clever poster and play on words. "badder".
Hilarious Ad... Get some Ebola inside the cola.... a must ad to watch by Pepsico

Funny Audrey Hepburn in the Swamp Thing Movie

Audrey Hepburn in the Swamp Thing Movie
Member reactions:
Anyway she doesn't look so scary. Good one
Her face needs to be a bit smaller for that head of hers. I like the concept though

Funny Five Old Things For Christmas

Five Old Things For Christmas
View large Please. This is ALL chopped.
Member reactions:
Stunning work with totally Christmas colors and spirit.
Amazing Collection and very well executed.. Best of luck
Great idea to put all these old toys togather. Very impressive colours.
Its a Christmas crowd seen here... full of glittering stars and decorated Xmas tree looks awesome.. The celebration just begin and Santa is coming to cheer up the joy
I won, I won.. Oh , you all really do love me.... that was my best Jim Carey impression... Thank you Newsey, Balodiya, Luciano --> yeah, I have been really saturating the chops lately, and Eric. Merry Xmas to those of you that celebrate it and a happy holiday season to the rest of you folks that wish you did just to get the cool presents hahaahahah, That's true huh. ... XXOOOOOO Love you all
Golden Christmas toys for Hitzzzzman. Congrats.
Congrats Hits. Beautiful work, and a Merry Christmas mate.
Many thanks Jim Shorts, Newsey, MsgtBob, Xaos and Geri
When I first viewed your composition here, I could almost smell that lovely Spruce scent from that gorgeously decorated Christmas tree in it. Beautiful doesn't even describe it but you've managed to capture not only the spirit of Christmas in this image... but it's magic too.
Thank you Bunacode and Newsey.. merry Christmas albeit belated I was just snooping back to see if I am still staying on track. Seems so

Funny TT Thing of the Year

TT Thing of the Year
Member reactions:
Fish is a little blurry and you should put some shadow under the hat, otherwise good try
Thanks buddy, I have time, I'll address this tomorrow.
Good merge.... wanted to see it in 2014 Jan edition
I think you tried upsizing the text. Sorry, but I can't accept him as man of the year, when he missed so many BOTS. But the picture here is a great job.
TT is becoming a legend. Maybe the will rename the magazine to TTime in his honor
Thanks, He has been around for a couple years but,, let's just say he fits in better here.

Funny Jack Nicholson & All Things Jack

Jack Nicholson & All Things Jack
I spent a lot of time on this one I'd truly appreciate it if you would use the link below to view it in it's "closest to photoshop" quality Thank you kindly. PLEASE VIEW HERE FOR BEST RESOLUTION AND LARGEST VIEW source image
Member reactions:
Incredible amount of great work here, hidden.
Thank you Disasterman, Thank you pcrdds, Thank you BOULPIX, Thank you Laredog I appreciate it.
Freaking brilliant. I want this as a poster for my bedroom wall ... wish I liked Jack Nicholson more, ... awesome. BRAVO..
Amazing the source room is empty and this one has lot of crowd great job you made it full with mascots really well done
---A jack attack if there ever was one. Top marks.
Well Done Like the cute puppy so much. very nice
Thanks for all the great comments, I truly appreciate it.
Super Duper Gold congrats, Billy Mac. Fabuloso...
very cool ,the wall photos, the caricature , the stain glass .. well done Qt congratulations.
Thank you kindly to everyone, I'm happy you appreciate my efforts it's a cool thing to place among all of this fantastic and inspiring talent.
Amazing work, Bill. One of your best ones yet, at least on FN. Congrats on the gold.
and look at the bloody weighted average: it's over 9. Woo Hoo.
Many thanks Tuco and many thanks to you Newzmastah much obliged for the picture of the day honor.

Funny Francois Hollande & Famous French Things

Francois Hollande & Famous French Things
Francois is running for all that is France. How many distinctly french things can you spot in this picture. Here's a list: 1. Francois Hollande 2. French Flag painted on his face 3. French beret 4. Fleur de Lis on beret 5. French Horn 6. Michelin Man Body 7. French Wine in hand 8. The Eiffel Tower 9. The Arc de Triomphe 10. The Concorde SST Airplane 11. Surrender Flag Sterotype 12. Crepes/French Toast Stand 13. Citroen automobile 14. French perfume 15. Escargot (Snails delicacy) 16. French poodle (pink, of course) 17. The Tour de France Bicycle Race 18. French Bread-baguettes 19. French Cheeses 20. Pommes Frites aka French fries 21. Statue of Liberty-Gift from France to USA 22. Cobblestone streets 23. Legendary disdain for the British--Union Jack on sole of boot
Member reactions:
What no kitchen sink. That's a lot of chopping
"Back up the truck, Mac. We got more Frog-junk for Frenchy chop." Just kidding... a busy compilation for sure;good luck.
List doesn't matter, things matter and you have done both, Cheers.. Every chop is unique and perfect at all. Love the way you put together, lots of effort. Good luck
Lot of work done in this chop, really appreciate to collect all the 23 items and put it together in one frame, like your chop hidden
Excellent Stuff The list seems to be very Big Great job done
Maybe I shouldn't have included the list.
Truly, a French feast for the eyes. Luv it.
Congrats LunaC . My favorite in this contest .
Whoa...this musta made a last minute surge. It was in 2nd place last time I checked. Thanks for the votes and comments.
Great chop LunaC lots of sources with lots of great details, Gold Congrats.

Funny Five Moldy Things in a Basket

Five Moldy Things in a Basket
On the fifth day of Christmas, my Ex gave to me...five moldy things
Member reactions:
That's so sweet...what a doll. I wonder how the bread toasts. Very nice-makes me hungry.
This is great. love the santa/plumber card.
Five gold rings, five moldy things.. very creative I was wondering where you got this off-the-wall idea then I looked at the lyrics.
Thanks all. This was a tough contest to come up with a good idea.
Gold congrats FW more than just a good idea great the tongue &cheek Love the perspective depth of the background .
Perfect work and great idea, congrats Funkwood.
You win the coveted MOLD award. Congrats.
Congrats on the win, Funk. Great satire here
bwahahah that's would be funny to get from bad santa congrats on the gold ..

Funny The Thing Floating Rock by Magritte

The Thing Floating Rock by Magritte
"what else would you call a floating Rock-Face." .

Funny Dead Things in Barren Desert

Dead Things in Barren Desert

Funny Crazy Man on So You Thing You Can Dance

Crazy Man on So You Thing You Can Dance
Member reactions:
Fantastic idea. love the added bellbottom pants. gives it that saturday night fever feel from back in the day. great chop.

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