On thin Ice
On thin Ice
On thin Ice. If you make another mistake, there will be trouble.
Member reactions:
You did a great job on this one. Our favorite whipping boy strikes again...Hehehe.

Funny Gymnast Falling Through Thin Ice

Gymnast Falling Through Thin Ice
Member reactions:
Let me call in an Expert: Hey SplatShot, Is this a "Splash" or a "Splat".
Ms. Johnson has fallen on her ice. This is where soft meets softer. So I would call this the splash after the splat. Nice blending of the hole into the ice, Hidden.
Thanks Splat, I just knew you would know all about ice holes.

Funny Vladimir Putin Skating on Thin Ice

Vladimir Putin Skating on Thin Ice
Skate on thin ice - If someone is skating on thin ice, they are taking a big risk. (English Idioms)
Member reactions:
When Putin is skating, is ice to risk something
Like the work on the fall and the icy skate background good work

Funny Fat, Thin and Medium Woman

Fat, Thin and Medium Woman
Which is the real one.
Member reactions:
Cool. My vote goes to the middle one for being real.
So you want us to guess which one is really you.
Why do you think it is me. she could be my mother, my sister, my daughter, my wife ....
Definately the middle one,cool chop hidden
This is a marvelous and its a pure art of photo chopping great job in putting different views of body size
Thank you, lots of chopping work indeed, I'm glad you appreciated.
Sharp shooter work Hats off to the quality and professional work. Good luck and keep doing classic work like this I just love it
This should be some poster for women. Me likey (I think the middle one is the real one, yes.)
Indeed . I look at this picture before eating the second galon of ice cream... I know how I would look....

Funny Thin Adele with an Award

Thin Adele with an Award
After a long diet..... real Adele here http://img.ibtimes.com/www/data/images/full/2011/12/01/198032-adele.jpg
Member reactions:
Félicitations premier top 3 après 6 essais, claaaAASSSeeee
Clean diet work. Congrats on the bronze, Ariel.
Thank you very much... the same diet I use for my pictures in my facebook .

Funny Thin Oldsmobile

Thin Oldsmobile
Member reactions:
This is really a big work done to make this car so smaller
Looks like some CheckPoints on this cars entry door, Size does matter madam But still Engine seems so good
thanks for the comments and scores all,means alot

Funny Concern Over Thin Models

Concern Over Thin Models
Member reactions:
The headbone is connected to the boa-bone.
manrich very nice work.., congratulations
Thank you for the very kind comments. It is really an honor to have my work appreciated by such incredibly talented people.

Funny Man Trapped Under Thin Ice

Man Trapped Under Thin Ice
Member reactions:
, very cool, indeed. And if you manage to create depth on the frozen fisherman this is a clear candidate for a trophy (my opinion).
Thanks guys, added some depth and slight ripple to now
Clever. Congratulations on the bronze, Johnx.
Thanks Im very happy, as always thanks for all the tips guys

Funny Thin Katie Couric

Thin Katie Couric
Member reactions:
This is an awesome slimming work, but the head does not look very much like Couric. Please consider using some galleries we suggested in the contest directions for her face picture.

Funny Thin Kiera Knightly

Thin Kiera Knightly
Less is definitely not more original
Member reactions:
I don't really see a difference. just joking. Nice entry.
theres more dress than body. just goes to show how vein these stars can be hey..

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