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Funny Theron Pictures

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Charlize Theron PortraitFunny Charlize Theron Portrait
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wooooooooow.... another masterpiece artwork... the style is not water.
augurisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssimi... greeeeeeeeetings, this artwork deserve a 100+++++++++
Naaa... I've NO hope to win this time, my friend....
Very nicely done Really nice color tone and great illustrated look.
Mystical quality, looks impossibly real. Well done

Short Julia Roberts and Charlize TheronFunny Short Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron
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some sources
Geez Funk, you cram a lot of amazing detail into every one of your pics. Don't know how you find the time. Great stuff, as usual.
Hilarious and well executed.... deserving of gold.
Great piece , Always love your work Funkwood , Congrats ...

Charlize Theron Upside DownFunny Charlize Theron Upside Down
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Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron With No Nose or EyebrowsFunny Charlize Theron With No Nose or Eyebrows
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Alien Flux.

Charlize Theron Apple ChinFunny Charlize Theron Apple Chin
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Cracked Charlize TheronFunny Cracked Charlize Theron
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Playing with brushes and stuff. Here's the original

Charlize TheronFunny Charlize Theron
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Let's do 200+ pic's

Charlize TheronFunny Charlize Theron
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OMG, this looks like it's from the "V" series.

Charlize Theron + Norway BanknoteFunny Charlize Theron + Norway Banknote
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Peek a boo
Great idea.Way to make yours stand out of the crowd.

Charlize TheronFunny Charlize Theron - This week Esquire Magazine named actress Charlize Theron the sexiest woman alive. The previous recipients of the title have been Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, and Jessica Biel. In the Oct. 16 magazine issue, Theron gives an interview where she tells about her childhood years on a farm dreaming to become an actress, her current interests, and her latest film "In The Valley Of Elah" - an Iraq war themed murder mystery. Previously, Charlize received several recognitions and awards, including the Oscar for the leading female role in the "Monster". Photoshop Charlize Theron any way you wish. Examples may include showing what awards she may (or may NOT) receive next, how Charlize's life could be different if she decided to pursue non-Hollywood career, immortalizing Theron in works of art, etc.

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