Twisted Turkey Thanksgiving
Twisted Turkey Thanksgiving
Twisted Turkey Thanksgiving.

Funny Thanksgiving Owl

Thanksgiving Owl
Member reactions:
Love it. This own turkey totally looks surprised.

Funny Turkey Raptor Thanksgiving Feast

Turkey Raptor Thanksgiving Feast
Member reactions:
I like it
No thanks; I'll just have potatoes and carrots.

Funny Romney Thanksgiving

Romney Thanksgiving
Member reactions:
Ahahaha. Love the sparkling cider, great touch.
Well done.... the Poor little Big Bird is now a toast for the Party.... and This could be possible only after the election result Love the placement of candles and Ryan is shying to join the party
Cool thanks giving its a Hot turkey in its final destination
I hope hes not seasoned with sesame oil.... ,, congrats pcrdds...
Wood congrats, Paul. As always very funny work, I love the details like the swimming goggles and the chainsaw.
Thanks, everybody. I enjoyed doing this one.
PBS Thanksgiving. Romney Wins the Election version Congrats on the wood, Paul.

Funny Mr Turkeys Thanksgiving Day

Mr Turkeys Thanksgiving Day
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone And A Safe One.

Funny Thanksgiving Day Revenge

Thanksgiving Day Revenge
Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Funny Turkey Chef with Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey Chef with Thanksgiving Dinner
Member reactions:
i wish this was bigger. its very good...
Thats exactly what they do if they Rule..

Funny Thanksgiving Barack Obama Turkey

Thanksgiving Barack Obama Turkey
Member reactions:
I may never be able to enjoy turkey again.
....the stuffing is a bit disconcerting to look at...but...this cracks me up
the cigarette,,is the topping ..
Brilliant chop and the "smoked" play is genius here.
gd this freaks me out,,i love it congrats slixter ...
This turkey is bronze and well done. Congrats, Slick.
Free Health Care should take care of this.

Funny Google at Thanksgiving

Google at Thanksgiving
Click to view larger please
Member reactions:
Thanks Newsy, sadly I cracked myself up when I made it
Gobble Gobble. Happy thanksgiving, "hidden".

Funny Eagles vs. Cardinals Thanksgiving Dinner

Eagles vs. Cardinals Thanksgiving Dinner
Another heartbreaker, getting used to it now. Missed the submission for news of the week. Cardinals 32 - Eagles 25 Another year in the old toilet. Game summary
Member reactions:
It won't be a winner in this stiff competition but a fun chop to e-mail to your favorite Eagles or Cardinals fan.
hilarious.. I feel your pain, my team did so bad they fired the coach.. (Jon Gruden)
wonderful.,,i really like this.. kellies right,very clean congratulations

Funny Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here! Which means that it's that time of the year again when cooked turkeys and mashed potatoes will be eaten, just like the first settlers did many moons ago. Happy Thanksgiving, all! Gobble, Gobble! Photoshop anything connected to Thanksgiving. Some examples are: showing how celebrities and politicians could spend this holiday, give Thanksgiving theme to movies or paintings, etc.

Funny Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving. This is an American holiday when we engage in some sort of family competitions - who'll eat more turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, candied yams, vegetable casserole, and pumpkin pie. The winner is honorary named a "persona of substance". Or simply put a "lardass". This is a broad contest where you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Thanksgiving.

Funny Thanksgiving

Create images that are based on Thanksgiving. Chop a turkey, mash some potatoes, show how celebrities and politicians celebrate it. There's a small cornucopia of ideas - have at it.

Funny Thanksgiving Turkeys

Thanksgiving Turkeys
Happy Thanksgiving! Today we want images of turkeys in various forms - hiding, hunting, and of course cooking. Use your photoshop skills on Thanksgiving day. In addition to today's contest, we'd like you to think of something you are thankful for.

Funny Thanksgiving Greetings

Thanksgiving Greetings
Design Thanksgiving greetings and postcards featuring hazards and accidents. Using politicians and celebrities is encouraged.

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