Jean-Claude Van Damme Thanks God for Stuntmen
Jean-Claude Van Damme Thanks God for Stuntmen
Jean-Claude Van Damme Thanks God for Stuntmen. First Image Submitted. Freaking News is good fun.
Member reactions:
I like how you did 50 with lights. The background JC stuntman look is hilarious. The front JC is cheerful about his 50th birthday, you even gave him a Belgian beer, . Oh, and HUGE welcome to FN - you'll fit right in.
Thanks a lot NewsMaster This is a great place to put out your ideas on world events and the like. Some people like to write but pictures a worth a thousand words and are a lot more fun. haha Some nice work in your gallery. Like Einsteinwood very much. Like a lot of comments on it... How did you do that. Have a good one.
Ahhh, Mafioso, thanks for the compliments about the site and about my personal chops. I have lots of ideas but my chopping skills are still in the cradle. Site administration, and contest posting is what I do. I did Einstein Wood by finding a source of some wood face and then using many layers to build Einstein face by pieces

Funny Thank You Freaking News

Thank You Freaking News
Member reactions:
Lotta old names & memories there, nice work with the font text looks like an actual plaque.
Thanx for hittin' me up on the tablet, bribery is everything, congrats. Youz got my vote, hahaha
Thank you. Kellie, the names are from the FN "Hall of Fame"
Awesome graphic design. I noticed u have the names in order of rank.... I'm coming for AZ... . (might take 5 or 10 years tho)
Yeh I figured that Xaos I been around to see all of em come n go & some come back again Kudo's on the trophy.
Excellent graphic. I am amazed that TWO graphics did so well. They generally struggle. Nice change and a nice plaque, tribute
Xaos54)))) congrats wonderful grafixs
Thanks all.. Hitspinner, I put this together rather quickly. Had no time to search for sources etc., so took a chance at something different. Copying each name in the correct order from the "Hall of Fame" page and pasting it to the text layer was a bit time consuming.
This just feels so touching. Gotta love this one
Xaos, you rock man. Glad to see you back. oh, and congrats on the bronze.
really wonderful work ... thanks for post my name there too , congrats on the bronze and keep up top works friend
oh forget to Say ( WELCOME BACK OUR MONSTER )
Congrats.....and thanks for putting my name on this great work....aahhhh those wer the days.

Funny Thanks Obamanation

Thanks Obamanation

Funny Thank You, Thank You Very Much

Thank You, Thank You Very Much
Click Here For The News Story

Funny Thanks Queen Elizabeth and Pope Puppets

Thanks Queen Elizabeth and Pope Puppets

Funny Thank You Obama For Obamacare

Thank You Obama For Obamacare
As a person living with Multiple Sclerosis, this one will hit very close to home. Life now is much harder for those with chronic and terminal diseases thanks to Obamacare and new regulations. So that is my concept
Member reactions:
he screwed everyone and no one is smiling if you know what i mean.
Sorry for your trouble. I wish I could sound hopeful about the immediate road up ahead. Stay frosty and look for laughs wherever you can find them.
thats all I do , have to say the joker I have always been
Nice reference to The Silence of the Lambs

Funny Thanks for the Laughs Robin Williams

Thanks for the Laughs Robin Williams
Member reactions:
Yeah, in high rez this would be out of the park.

Funny Thanks for the Memories James Garner

Thanks for the Memories James Garner
Member reactions:
The masking on the head is really rough

Funny Thanks for the Memories Bob Hoskins

Thanks for the Memories Bob Hoskins
Member reactions:
The sources need to be of higher resolution. Please take this into account in the future submissions, because we don't want to disqualify them on quality grounds

Funny Thanks Medicaid

Thanks Medicaid
Medicaid can be pretty crappy about care, making patients and the doctors who treat them angry.
Member reactions:
Amen to that. I was admitted to ICU the night I had a little stroke, then handed my hat, cane, and had to find a taxi home the next morning. My primary care physician was too polite to show his emotions in front of a patient. In private, a few F-bombs fell, my ears RANG.
A Good way to say thanks for the medicaid facilities provided to veterans like it
The Vets of Vietnam and wars after are really getting the shaft where it stinks by Medicaid and the government too. You would think some of that gigantic defense budget could go their way...

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