Thank you Mommy!
Thank you Mommy!
Thank you Mommy!. Like Mother like Son (so they say).

Funny Thank You for Global Warming

Thank You for Global Warming
Member reactions:
If you like it can have it in spring too.
Honestly I think this is freaking brilliant.
I thought about doing Al Gore but got side tracked on Obama. This is great. I really dig the style. It is so graphically appealing. Is this original source some sotrt of Xmas card art. The whole thing looks like well merged mixed media... good one. I like when the chop disappears and makes one look
Thanx newsy and hitspinner. The first effort used Al Gore as opposed to the snowman. I think it's weird that people follow the guy... The background presumably is from the recent snowfall in Buffalo NY.

Funny Thank You Robin Williams

Thank You Robin Williams
This man made up a lot of my childhood, he will be missed but live on through his films, love you man.
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Simple. It looses a lot without the music....

Funny Thanks For Your Fingerprints

Thanks For Your Fingerprints
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You don't know where Rosie and her five friends have been now do you Mr. Nice Police Man.
holy crapz thansks dont i have any prints remain
ha ha good now Police is using Apple powered phones to take the Finger prints of citizens... good one like the motivational message
good one . NSA is going too far using people stupidity

Funny Thanks Barack Obama For Nothing

Thanks Barack Obama For Nothing
Member reactions:
Good job - the contrast in size and angle of two figures here works nicely in this composition
Amazing Nice way to thanks Nice Expressions..Best of luck
america is alwayz biting around issues but got to have fun everytime
Awesome job done.... crazy little Obama with a freaky smile and funny expressions
wOOt. Congrats on the Silver. Shame that it is also the truth (argh).

Funny Thanks For the Light

Thanks For the Light
You always could light my my fire. Thanks for the light.
Member reactions:
good work with fire and well illuminated chop well done
Congrats on your first trophy, Burnsey. Woo Hoo.
Even with an ABI, it was bound to happen. Hope one of many more.

Funny Thanks for Ending Shuttle Program Obama

Thanks for Ending Shuttle Program Obama
Member reactions:
Lots of work, lots of fun, excellent chop.
Looks as though Mr. President is doing his part to maintain unemployment in America. Clean as a New York police whistle; Good Luck.
Thanks, deaddog. Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, geriatric.
Nice shadow work, hat with ears good job.
Thanks, ericnorthend. Thanks, dsbinfo2011. Thanks, rajeshstar.
Silver congrats Pcr, Obamaland seems to be a funny place
Congratulations. Always original and funny.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3, you should come visit. Thanks, G-Man, appreciate it. Thanks, crusader.
WoW. That hat in the front should sell (much better than WallyWorld's - hah). Great job (should have taken the Gold - in my humble opinion).
Gotta love the Obama ear hat on the kid. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, MsgtBob. Merci, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, Newsy and thanks to you guys for noticing the Obama Ear Hat.

Funny Thank God It's Friday

Thank God It's Friday

Funny Thanks for Global Warming

Thanks for Global Warming
(cause landscape is far better)

Funny Thanks For Ripping Us Off

Thanks For Ripping Us Off
32 layers in all. Definitely click to enlarge Corporation Nation Look for the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) for your state. In there, you will find the REAL finances of the state you live in. You can also find CAFRs for your town, city, county. You will see how they are all heavily invested in the Fortune 500. And you will see that they are not at all in a financial crisis as they claim. The states and cities all, in fact, have money coming out of their ears. All while telling you and me that they cannot meet their budgets. They aren't broke. But they ARE liars. Watch the documentary linked above to find out more.
Member reactions:
Thanks Deaddog. Make sure you watch that documentary.
Note to self. Funny gets more votes than serious and useful information.
Thanks NewsMaster. Hope all is well with you.

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