Bigger than Texas
Bigger than Texas
Bigger than Texas. Member reactions:
Great chop. Check spelling/syntax though: THAN v. then

Funny Texas woman receives life sentence.

Texas woman receives life sentence.
A Texas woman has been sentenced to life in prison for stabbing her boyfriend to death with the five-inch (13cm) stiletto heel of her shoe.
Member reactions:
Fabalous Great Humour,, Very nicely executed..
Great chop and story. Shoes are a fashion now
I guess this heel shouldn't be aloud on planes now either. Good one, congrats on the win.
Here's how it happened. Obama was sick and Michelle promised him "I will heel you." Decent work.
Great Job.... Congrats on the gold. Newsey. Or ...heeling a heel English... so many idioms, so little time

Funny Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Funny Man Finds Tunnel In Texas Backyard

Man Finds Tunnel In Texas Backyard
Man finds underground tunnel in his backyard.
Member reactions:
Crazy Obama seems to be very happy after successfully coming out of the tunnel's other end Very well presented to the news story
so funny physic of Obama and his mischievous expression tells rest of the Freaking story Is that way to Kenya
Silver Congrats, Paul.

Funny Bigfoot Footprints found in Texas!

Bigfoot Footprints found in Texas!
Member reactions:
Bush holiday in texas leads to misconception of Big Foot sources

Funny You Don't Mess With Texas

You Don't Mess With Texas
Governor Rick Perry of Texas, takes on Attorney General, Eric Holder
Member reactions:
Congratulations. I, still, think you should market $$ your humor to some online News website. UBFunny
Congrats on the Silver, Bronze, Wood and 5th place (sheesh you must have a lot of free time on your hands - ha).

Funny Texas Derby

Texas Derby
Member reactions:
Thank you, HoHouse. Probably If Obama rides the chicken score can be higher.

Funny Rick Perry Watching a Texas Execution

Rick Perry Watching a Texas Execution
Texas executions: the most controversial cases Rick Perry has presided over 234 executions as governor of Texas, with Duane Buck to be put to death on Thursday. We look at some of the individuals who have died on Perry's watch......
Member reactions:
Good work-good luck. I guess the moral is "Don't Mess with Texas." (.)

Funny Texas tea on the Rocks

Texas tea on the Rocks
"I have tasted tea so strong, that it really felt like it could've powered an engine."
Member reactions:
that's freaky .. looks original bottle .. congrats on the bronze Wizzz .. keep going
I love the concept Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Aurora Texas Shootout

Aurora Texas Shootout
1897 Texas
Member reactions:
Nice color and lighting effects here. Love the mouth and teeth.
LOTS of work here including hand painted work. The composition is a bit complex for the eye, but impressive work nonetheless.
Well congrads you got 4-5-6 for this entry, anything under 7 is a joke, hey voters 5 is average get a life.
Thanks NM. I think I'm guilty of the same thing Kratos did a while back on a robot chop with all flash and no substance. The alien ship with all the zillions of parts fails to make a convincing representation of workability. I couldn't quite get the integration I was looking for. It's still an A+++ chop just on technical delivery alone. I thought the idea was quite amusing. I enjoyed converting the comic book characters over to semi photo real. That is simply a gas. HH, I'm cool. Thanks for noticing the low balling, scumsucking, maggot, hairry nosed cowpie eaters that they are by casting anything but 7s or more hahhaahahahahah. May pox rot their spincthters and their children turn into stuttering monkeys. Bwhahahahaahah I'm sure others got hit low too. PixJockey, probably so. I thought this one was one of my better efforts but I say that about all of em Thanks man
beautiful piece young man, and as Jere said,

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