Tesla Unveiled
Tesla Unveiled
Tesla Unveiled. Member reactions:
Thank you HoHouse, but sometimes less is more

Funny The Faraday cage for Tesla's Pierce?

The Faraday cage for Tesla's Pierce?
The open-air Pierce-Arrow Nikola Tesla would she have resisted the test of Faraday cage. .

Funny Tesla's Toxic Unicorn, Low Tide

Tesla's Toxic Unicorn, Low Tide
The Ally Point, Low Tide
Member reactions:
it really jumps out. Great color match too.
Thanks Reggie. Yeah...I used Photoshop's Mixer Brush to color the unicorn. I'll post the original source image when I get a chance. Unicorn Figurine
Thanks, Hobbit. Glad you like it. I think the Unicorn is freak'n hilarious, in a devilish sort of way. :o
So it's a unicorn not a horse, I still like your chops, always interesting idea's
...Thanks, D. your right, it's a Unicorn. Think I'll use him in another lovely fantasy chop someday
Really picked a winner with this Monet, and matched it perfectly..
Ththanks, Reggie. actually I thought both my chops were a tiny bit short of the proposed theme. But hey what'ts new about that.

Funny 325,000 reservations for Tesla Model 3

325,000 reservations for Tesla Model 3
Tesla Will Adjust Model 3 Production To Maximize Tax Credits
Member reactions:
I'd be careful doing the same thing for every contest, just saying.
Cute car, but it is sliding (road is across and car is coming toward the front right).
We have enough room in the contest for any picture. Nice job done by the way.
deaddog : In this case we can also stop making caricatures... MsgtBob : This new model is a little oversteer Wanderer : Thanks
Xlent work as always. Congrats on the bronze, Denlig. Uhhh and by the way... this is a caricature of sorts
Bronze congrats, Denlig. Another excellent job in the lil car series.

Funny Teslas Tower Electrified

Teslas Tower Electrified

Funny Tesla Electric Car on Fire

Tesla Electric Car on Fire
For those who don't know, Tesla electric cars have been catching on fire, some that have gone viral on youtube, plummeting their stock value. SOURCE
Member reactions:
This is the beat way to keep warm. very funny ad
Excellent job adding the fire to the car - looks real.
I take it these things have a history. Clean chopping DD...... Congrats on the cup

Funny Nikola Tesla in a Light Bulb

Nikola Tesla in a Light Bulb
The snap of a few sparks, a quick whiff of ozone... and the bulb blazed forth in unparalleled glory.
Member reactions:
Magnificient job done.... The lightning and the sparks made this bulb glow great job done in creating the sparks all over the chop and illuminating factor works good for this chop well illuminated chop like this
Fabolous very Innovative idea and very well executed superb best of luck
Thank U, balodiya, rajeshstar, silvercanine.
Sparking entry.......Its amazing to see this wonderful and genius merge................
Thank you, ericnorthend, Doc and gugulanul.
Absolutely Imaginative. Congratulations. (i forgot to vote...)
Congrats on the gold, Chaos. Magnificent composition with great effects.

Funny Nikola Tesla Electric Super Hero

Nikola Tesla Electric Super Hero

Funny Tesla's Revenge On Edison

Tesla's Revenge On Edison
Tesla gets revenge on Thomas Edison for stealing his thunder Sources
Member reactions:
YIKES. I just felt a JOLT which means a HIGH marks vote.
Okay..I like the colors, the light and shadow work, emotion, 'humor' ,the overall energy of the chop. Love the source post. Yikes. Phyllis is still scary. I'm trying to figure out Al Franken‎'s fugly mug. Edison's ear. Super Chop...should run away with the Gold.
Bingo. Slapshot. Thanks for the positive comment. I have to laugh. If the first 2 voters had their way it would run a close second or third for last place.
Masters job done Awesome Excellent concept and very well executed Best of luck
Really impressive...I'm especially glad you included the sources. One quick suggestion: lose the apostrophe in get's. Otherwise, amazing picture.
Strange typo. Must have been tired. Thanks Anton, Balodiya and Ariel
Awesome creation
Lot of sources used to get this electrifying effect done on this chop very clever idea to punish Edison for inventing bulb Good revenge taken using his own bulb as a weapon like the eyeball coming out of the shock
Holy cow, 9.4 yhat has to be a personal best, Thanks for making that happen. Thanks Dman and Rajesh
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Literally, a shocking entry, .
Gold congrats,Hitspinner. Excellent job done ... ...
Uuuuuuuuggggghhhhh Newsey hahahahahahaaha. I suppose somebody had to say it. Thanks V and thanks Gugu
congrats spinner... very well done piece.
This is just "FANTASTIC". Congrats on the win.
Oops,thought I commented on this. Fabulous work Hits. and a well deserved win. Welcome to the 9.4 club. haha.

Funny Nikola Tesla Titan of the Universe

Nikola Tesla Titan of the Universe
Member reactions:
Good job on making the bulb glow looks real and good background used to make this chop into a reality like the glare coming out of the bulb
Gugu, you keep hitting them out of the park. Well done.
Luv it. Would make a great Tesla tribute poster. Congrats on the silver, gugu.
Thank you pcrdds,Hitspinner and NewsMaster ... ...

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