Size Matters Not... Terror Bird
Size Matters Not... Terror Bird
Size Matters Not... Terror Bird. Member reactions:
Congrats on the Dino Bird, good chop and he looks happy.
Thanks Hobbit, Manosart and Gummy. Yes.. Hobbit. The smile kinda adds an Ice Age flavor to the Dino-Bird Creature.
Awesome. Love how the dino looks 3D. Great lighting, congrats on the gold SplatS.

Funny Holy terror

Holy terror

Funny Somali American Terror

Somali American Terror
Somali American Terror Some sources
Member reactions:
Excellent work, and did you use Kayne west for the main character.
Good eye, yes I did. Sources posted. Thank you for the comments Newsey, Luciano, Eric and Balodiya.
. The "other" guy wins Big. Congratulations.

Funny Creature Terror Gremlins

Creature Terror Gremlins
Member reactions:
Cutting could be mor accurate. Otherwise very good entry.
Sorry but Gremlins is a children's movie. Rated PG.
Slowly but surely I hone my craft, note my early stuff and you will be asalted by cutting abuse to abuse your eyes.

Funny Barack Obama With a Machine Gun Fighting The Terror

Barack Obama With a Machine Gun Fighting The Terror
full view please...
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha everything is fine but Snake on his neck is really crazy Idea this is called a freak show
Impressive artwork. And Obama looks way cool here Congrats on the wood, silvercanine.

Funny Terror at the White House

Terror at the White House
Full view for details..
Member reactions:
Heheh nope, just means it's interesting. I have gotten similar comments on chops that were somewhat chaotic in nature or really busy crammed full of elements. And you captured CNN pretty dang well in my opinion. Good chop-collage..
I love how you added CNN stuff. Very solid work, although collages don't usually score high on FN.

Funny Hillary Clinton in Planet Terror

Hillary Clinton in Planet Terror
Member reactions:
love it, great job, you got my early vote
Wonderful work. Hillary actually does look beter here than in real life. Use it as her campaign poster, maybe, . Congratulations on the gold.
who want this girl to be her Mother -in - Law..
Congratulations on a well-deserved win. This is a gorgeous piece of work.

Funny Turtle Terror

Turtle Terror
Tommy the turtle terrorized thousands Thursday...time to terminate this turtle. Eleven first letter "T's"...can you beat that.
Member reactions:
head looks awkward against the arm. Is that the left or right arm.
tommy the turtle terrorized tenthousand thursday... time to totaly turmanate tommy the terrorest turtle. hah 14, 15 if you count ten-"THOUSANDS". ...
Tommy the Toothy Tortoise Terrorizes Thousands Thursday...Time to Totally Terminate this Turtle Today.
Hey pickin' on turtles. Tommy The Turtle shouldn't have Teeth. Nice image.

Funny Terror

Member reactions:
Mullah Feathersword would be proud. Loved it.

Funny Terror Map

Terror Map
The Days After. What might happen according to the Republicans if Kerry is our new President.
Member reactions:
Looks good, but I wish I knew what it meant. *Confused non American*
Thanks Maiden. A little while back the Vice President Cheney said something to the fact that there could possibly be terrorist attacks if Kerry were elected or something to that effect. I am sure one of the other members here could make it more clearer than I did. I keep forgetting that we are worldwide choppers. That's kinda nice to know.
Non confused Swede think this is hillarious.
In a nutshell, VP Cheney (Mr. Doom-sayer) basically said "vote for us (Bush/Cheney) or die". That 'bout sums up it up.

Funny Cat Terror

Cat Terror
Create images of cat(s) terrorizing the people - threatening, robbing, shooting, fighting, etc.

Funny Chiquita Banana Terror

Chiquita Banana Terror
What goodies terrorists get from corporate Chiquita banana corporation? Show how Chiquita is using banana products to help the terror groups.

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