Terror TV Fun
Terror TV Fun
Terror TV Fun. I never miss an episode.
Member reactions:
I don't have the slightest idea who these people are, but it is very funny - great chop on the doll too.

Funny Santa Terror Alert

Santa Terror Alert

Funny Level Orange Terror

Level Orange Terror
George Bush's latest idea so as no one misses the high alert. George also is selling future ad space so buy now. VIEW FULL BECAUSE IT"S ANIMATED

Funny Orange Terror Alert

Orange Terror Alert
Federal apple going orange.

Funny Christmas Terror Alert

Christmas Terror Alert
Keeping the skys safe
Member reactions:
Clever concept and execution. Sort of like TheOnion but better
I like the idea, but Santa Claus doesn't have an "E" (Unless you're refering to the movie.)
Oops. Thanks. Revision posted
I think it would be grand to actually finish up those news stories.

Funny Flight Terror Alert

Flight Terror Alert
What really goes on in the man-meaty goodness pit at "Level Orange".
Member reactions:
So is there a script that edits words perceived as being naughty like where pilots sit.
This left me in awe - it's clever and hilarious. Saving it to my favorites.
Yeah, there's a filter for all text on the site. I think I'll disable the filter for the submissions though.

Funny Air Travel Terror

Air Travel Terror
Air Travel won't change much.

Funny Terror Suspect

Terror Suspect
Member reactions:
The concept is hilarious

Funny Terror Warning Levels

Terror Warning Levels
The Homeland Security Secretary has directed a new level be added to the terror-attack warning system. The new level will be refered to as "Level Brown".
Member reactions:
One of the best uses of potty humor I have seen in a long while.

Funny Terror Suspect in Mall

Terror Suspect in Mall
The sudden need for increased mall security results in a drop in the quality of the screening process...

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