Terrible turkey
Terrible turkey
Terrible turkey. Member reactions:
Great idea and chop, OT. I would have preferred feather textured hands/gloves though...

Funny A terrible morning headache after evening party

A terrible morning headache after evening party
Member reactions:
Woody for Wanderer. , you have gotten better than me... Congrats
Thank you, Mr.Hits. It is only woody trophy. It happened accidentally. Next contest it will be back to standard. Really we play here for fun and if picture is good it will leave in internet for long time. Yours are classic for me. You right some votes from the last are not fair, but I don't care.
It's the undeserved 6s on anybody's chops that should get everyone's hackles up that has a passion and love for the site. It sends the really super duper choppers packing. In this contest we had a bad apple with considerable Karma. The results may very well have been the same. This was a tough competition but when somebody is irresponsible with the destructive voting you have to wonder, "What if, that person didn't vote." We've all been there but it usually comes from 1 karma voters of no consequence. When a big karma voter does it, it's as visible as a car crash. As for you, you honestly, are at the threshold of a big breakout. You are going to the next level. We reach plateaus and it seems like we will never break out, then boom, you're chopping at a whole new level. It happens to everyone that keeps trying to improve. I think I am at the same point. I am unsatisfied with everything I do, very uninspired. So, I'll improve or quit. Maybe take up fly counting as a past time. Cheers

Funny Terrible Female Driver

Terrible Female Driver
I see one nearly every day
Member reactions:
she has a nice figure ,,butterface
Great job, hidden I'm feelin' a little motion sickness coming on
Fantastic work in the best traditions of British humor - makes me think of Benny Hill and Mr. Bean.
really said one every day. most favourite of the chops.. great work of a master
Thank you Rajesh, Newsey, Steve, Balodiya, PSM, Qtrmoon, Renegade... welcome back stranger, Pree, Luciano and SS. Sometimes a chop is better than a blog
Another great chop hit,you are a master.Congrats on the silver
Congratulations. I thought this was a HoHouse original.
'tis a whirling dervish of delight Hi-yo Silver.
. Lotsa work in this one. That woman put the U in Ugly.
L.O.L LunaC. We call that Fugly where I come from LunaC
really like this one spinner. It has a weird 2 dimensional/3 dimensional battle going on that draws you in.

Funny Ralph Lauren's Terrible Olympic Uniforms

Ralph Lauren's Terrible Olympic Uniforms
Fox & Friends Is Horrified That The U.S. Olympic Team Might Look Like Frenchmen usa-olympic-uniforms-not-made-in-usa
Member reactions:
Cool work. The middle guy source could be of higher resolution

Funny Barqzr The Terrible

Barqzr The Terrible
Member reactions:
Wooden congrats . . . consistently "solid" work
... and congrats on the wood too, RW. Great caricature stuff.

Funny Ivan the Terrible With His New iPhone

Ivan the Terrible With His New iPhone
Member reactions:
Great idea but phones (first of all the classic) are very big. I would also change the iPhone box perspective. It seems it is falling.

Funny Terrible Towel

Terrible Towel
I'm not so sure this marketing effort will win anyone over.

Funny Terrible towel

Terrible towel

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