Tennis Ball
Tennis Ball
Tennis Ball. This sport combines tennis, baseball (tee ball), golf and football because you have to get the ball between the 2 red goal posts.
Member reactions:
Clean chop, but the football posts aren't clear.

Funny High Voltage Zika Tennis

High Voltage Zika Tennis
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We have special rackets just to kill flies. He could use one of those.
my father has a racket like that, that's where the idea came, loool

Funny Dino Tennis

Dino Tennis
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Pretty cool
For your shadows, use free transform, and hold down ctrl and alt while pulling on the center (middle) top dot. This way you can lay the shadow down onto the ground instead of just having a drop shadow. Once you have it positioned where you want, ass a slight Gaussian blur (to soften it). You can then also use a gradient map to soften it even more the further it is away from the caster.
MsgBob I will have to try that next time, Thanks for the tip.
I should add that the two balls on the left should produce shadows on the ground.

Funny Obi Wan Kenobi Playing Tennis

Obi Wan Kenobi Playing Tennis

Funny Pirate Tennis

Pirate Tennis
Member reactions:
Pretty cool.

Funny Serena Williams with a Tennis Ball in Her Mouth

Serena Williams with a Tennis Ball in Her Mouth
Veni, Vidi, Vinci: Italian shocks Serena

Funny Queen Elizabeth Playing Tennis

Queen Elizabeth Playing Tennis

Funny Fat Tennis Players Running

Fat Tennis Players Running
from left: Ivanovic,Errani,Williams,Sharapova,Wozniacki,Williams,Safarova,Kvitova

Funny Snail Tennis Ball

Snail Tennis Ball
Member reactions:
Ha. Good one Hidden. But everyone knows you can't use snails as racquetballs. You can only hit them once. They stick to the wall really bad.
Ahhh yes, me sees a new fad on the rise Splat-O-Snail

Funny Giant Serena Williams Smashing a Tennis Ball

Giant Serena Williams Smashing a Tennis Ball

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