Giant Telephone in a Square
Giant Telephone in a Square
Giant Telephone in a Square. Member reactions:
A real beauty. According to shadows from people, the phone should cast a shadow on the ground too. Add it and you have a perfection.
Yes, what NewsMaster said. The phone looks like it is floating just a little bit.
....Yes it is another of the wonders of the world.

Funny Blender Telephone

Blender Telephone
the entire phone (base, handset, bracket, ...) is created with source only - blades also ( new appropriate reflections (see large)
Member reactions:
Freaking awesome reconstruction of the phone - looks real.
Thx GOAT . Thx yosi . cable is behind the phone ( as in those old days )
Congrats on the gold Arno. Golden phone for you.
Great thx, Master . Thx . It was really a hard work (& I had NOT forgotten the power cable.)

Funny Saxophone Telephone Booth

Saxophone Telephone Booth
Please deposit 35 cents for the first three minutes.
Member reactions:
Freaking clever and I love the author's comment (deposit a coin to play, .)

Funny Taco Bell Telephone

Taco Bell Telephone

Funny Vintage Radio Telephone

Vintage Radio Telephone
Member reactions:
this is just great. a great imagination plus a great execution come with an entry like this
So I could listen to the radio and the person on the other line at the same time. Genius. I want one.
When you are hanging on the phone in a queue you can listen to the radio to relieve the boredom. A beautifully done entry. the colours are blended beautifully too..
Does it play elevator music. Great execution.
Congrats on the gold, very well deserved.
Congrats on the gold, very well deserved.
Congrats on the gold, very well deserved.
can i get a model for the wall its great.,,

Funny Last Call For Telephone

Last Call For Telephone
news title sources

Funny Telephone Monster Truck

Telephone Monster Truck
assembled toy. enjoy
Member reactions:
This is stunning. Hats off for this work.

Funny Abacus Telephone

Abacus Telephone
This is the deluxe model which features (1) one larger can for those who are hard of hearing, (2) a modern retractable coil string, and (3) the always popular dragon head hanger.
Member reactions:
Abacus Phone is a produced by Bead Computers, Inc.

Funny Telephone

Member reactions:
Is that space below COIN RELEASE kind of like Caller ID.
If you are calling from a rotary phone, ... no beer for you today.

Funny Telephone Digital Art

Telephone Digital Art
Tribute to the land-line telephone (the photo in this chop).
Member reactions:
I'm sorry you dislike it lucianomorelli, I was just having fun with the effects and the pen, and got carried away

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