Boy Finds Very Old Mastadon Tooth
Boy Finds Very Old Mastadon Tooth
Boy Finds Very Old Mastadon Tooth. A Michigan boy found a 10,000 year-old Mastadon tooth.. Member reactions:
Woooooow...What that freaky tooth...and very very funny job my friend --> --> --> i really like this chop -->looks real...nice story.hidden...looooooool
I think I know that boy... he's been interested in teeth all his life. Top job
Need a lot of toothpaste to make it brilliant .

Funny Man Finally Gets New Teeth

Man Finally Gets New Teeth
A man finally gets new teeth after 33 years, thanks to a free dental clinic. Member reactions:
Free teeth. Where was that clinic at. They don't call me Gummy for nothing ya know.
New Orleans, Gummy. Actually, they're all over the place.
You need to struggle hard to get anything free... and it took 33 years to get all you teeth back when they fallen years ago and If found return to Joey is really funky

Funny Tooth Fairies

Tooth Fairies
Overtime for the tooth fairies. Member reactions:
Freaking genius. Very clever concept exceptionally well executed too.
I agree with Newsy, very creative thinking.
So this is what the Tooth Fairy looks like....nice work.
This is very well done. I like the tooth fairy idea too.
thank you everyone for your nice comments .
Wood for penaplok too -you are on a roll.Congrats again.

Funny It's JAWS without teeth

It's JAWS without teeth
. Member reactions:
Thanks, Eric.Me, too, Geriatric.
Great chop.... like the stuff used and the child crying inside the water looks awesome
Thanks Rajeshstar, LunaC, SlapShot., Newsy, and Hits...

Funny Great Teeth

Great Teeth
What a great ad this would make in a galaxy far far away.. Member reactions:
Great job. I do not want to ever meet such a guy

Funny Here lies Sweet Tooth

Here lies Sweet Tooth
I thought a contest about overindulgence might be a good idea, and created this as a theme post for it. Unfortunately, it has been over a year and my idea has not been used, so why not enter it into a real contest.. Member reactions:
Me likes this one a lot.Glad you could enter it here
Is the Donut a Krispy Kreme. Thanks for the tip and Congratulations on your Win.
It's a Fruit Loop (maybe people thinking it was a donut lowered the score - ha).
Congratulations winning the Bronze MsgtBob.

Funny `GOLLY` where's my teeth

`GOLLY` where's my teeth


. Member reactions:
Parton me, but that's hysterical (including the title) Great job.
She looks awesome.... and her teeth drop to the correct place hilarious chop

Funny She should have knocked his teeth out

She should have knocked his teeth out
Tiger got lucky with just a few bruises

Funny Woman Swallows Her Teeth

Woman Swallows Her Teeth
Woman's illness is caused by her swallowing her teethIt took seeing four doctors before it was realized a woman's sickness was caused by her having swallowed her false upper teeth.. Member reactions:
Well done very nice and expressive performance
Very Hilarious how could she swallows her teeth great show of her teeth images over her neck she could be the perfect endorse of the product
congrats and my fav one in the contest hilarious story.
Thanks, everyone. Yes, dental humor always draws a laugh.
Great job. Just think how many doctors she would have to see under nobamacare (none - she's too old).

Funny Teeth

Photoshop this teeth & mouth image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: doing some dental work on these teeth, putting this mouth into some unusual environment, using the teeth image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Mark Webb and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Teeth

Dental professionals are working on creating metal-free dental implants which would eliminate the risk of developing allergies to metal among patients who need teeth restorations. Fully ceramic teeth implants are now developed in Switzerland using the technologies not available until the recent years, which meet the standards of currently used titanium implants, and may become available to public as soon as in the next 12 months. Let us show what alternative materials and objects can be used for dental implants. Photoshop teeth made of anything you can think of - examples include stones, diamonds, knives, household appliances, shrinked cars, or even paper money. The last may give the whole new meaning to the phrase "million dollar smile". Entries showing teeth of humans or animals are accepted in this contest. Consider cropping the source images (e.g. photos of smiling celebrities) to give teeth bigger space in the entry.

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