A fish on your teeth
A fish on your teeth
A fish on your teeth. Member reactions:
Maybe the best of the lot for source discovery. Amazingly perfect source and use, Luciano

Funny Vladimir Putin Catches a Bullet in his Teeth

Vladimir Putin Catches a Bullet in his Teeth
Member reactions:
Hey, I can catch a speeding bullet too ya know,,, once.
Thanks NM, Gummy, Bob Luciano, Nanny, Eric, Steve and LC. Let me guess Gummy, was it a 7.62 .

Funny Birds Brushing Their Teeth

Birds Brushing Their Teeth
Scientists discover why birds don't have teeth
Member reactions:
Really well done, but kind of horrible to look at.
That's why they don't have teeth, Swashbuckle.
Rolling on the floor with laughter. Excellent dentist advertising.
There was nothing wrong with his teeth. He didn't need braces.
Thanks, peeps. Trust me, he needed them, Gummy.

Funny National Tooth Fairy Day

National Tooth Fairy Day
August 22 was "National Tooth Fairy Day"
Member reactions:
Seems like these two are always looking for trouble
Sometimes they return. Horror never ends.
Thanks, D-Man, balodiya, eric, Newsy and luciano.
And top 5

Funny Saudi Man Has Tooth Removed From His Nose

Saudi Man Has Tooth Removed From His Nose
A man in Saudi Arabia had a tooth removed that was growing in his nasal cavity
Member reactions:
That man is lucky to have such a good doc, hahaha.
he will chop that tooth right out. nice work.
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Salis is very lucky to have such a good dentist. .
Excellent, great style too. Extraction through the nose, that is some medieval shyte man. hahahahahahaah Congrads on another one

Funny Hillary Clinton with Shark Teeth

Hillary Clinton with Shark Teeth

Funny Shakira with Shark Teeth

Shakira with Shark Teeth
She Wolf. She Shark.

Funny Skunk Anansie with Shark Teeth

Skunk Anansie with Shark Teeth

Funny Vladimir Putin with Shark Teeth

Vladimir Putin with Shark Teeth
Member reactions:
Treble hook has some white outline near lip as does Obama's cap brim.
I feel confused when there are so many things to look t in the picture. Probably a good one.
Love the fishing lure, I got that same one. Lol Fantastic work done.
Very nice. Love how you have Obama catching Putin.
Much work. Great chop Wanderer Silver.........
Cool beans
Great Job, congrats on silver, Wanderer..

Funny Indian Man with Shark Teeth

Indian Man with Shark Teeth
Man has 232 teeth pulled Teeth
Member reactions:
Thank you, Pat, Doc, Luciano, eric, Sulli and Balodiya
Congrats on teh Gold. Good to see they still left a few - ha.
The background is a lot of fun. Congrats on the gold, Hits.

Funny Teeth

Photoshop this teeth & mouth image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: doing some dental work on these teeth, putting this mouth into some unusual environment, using the teeth image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Mark Webb and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Teeth

Dental professionals are working on creating metal-free dental implants which would eliminate the risk of developing allergies to metal among patients who need teeth restorations. Fully ceramic teeth implants are now developed in Switzerland using the technologies not available until the recent years, which meet the standards of currently used titanium implants, and may become available to public as soon as in the next 12 months. Let us show what alternative materials and objects can be used for dental implants. Photoshop teeth made of anything you can think of - examples include stones, diamonds, knives, household appliances, shrinked cars, or even paper money. The last may give the whole new meaning to the phrase "million dollar smile". Entries showing teeth of humans or animals are accepted in this contest. Consider cropping the source images (e.g. photos of smiling celebrities) to give teeth bigger space in the entry.

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