Teen Dancer Dreaming
Teen Dancer Dreaming
Teen Dancer Dreaming.

Funny Poo-Teen - Chinese Monk (asylum)

Poo-Teen - Chinese Monk (asylum)
Only China can give Poo-Teen political asulam as "Big Brother" of Russia
Member reactions:
Could be a great chop but some cutting problems (white) are still visible.
Bronze congrats... The communist part fits perfectly hahahahaah
Excellent Putin caricature, congrats to the Bronze..

Funny Poo-Teen and Love-Raw met Obama in cafe

Poo-Teen and Love-Raw met Obama in cafe
Two from left hate Europe and America, but their daughters are living in Holland, Germany and America.
Member reactions:
Hysterical. Poo-Teen and Love-Raw, hahaha. Putin kinda reminds me Brezhnev here
Awesome Chopping, congrats on the Woody..
Congrats on the wood Wanderer I like the guy in the middle
Woody Congrats, Wanderer nice work, especially like the expressions

Funny Tallest Teen Wedding

Tallest Teen Wedding
Pictured: Brazil's tallest teen to marry boyfriend who is just 5ft 4ins


Member reactions:
It's very interesting and pretty darn disgusting I LOVE the chop ..

Funny Teen Mannequin

Teen Mannequin
Well, I suppose if they were alive their teenage mannequins would act the same way our teens do.... Full view
Member reactions:
"Why dont i have an extra limb like he has."
the spotlight is hard from the magazine but where's the shadow of magazine and the manequin.

Funny Teen People Pokemon Special

Teen People Pokemon Special
Member reactions:
I expect he has found new toys to play with

Funny Teen Nerd

Teen Nerd
Member reactions:
I told you so
Revenge of the Nerds. ... Very funny entry.
Hey. That looks like my best friend . This is very funny.

Funny Last Teen People

Last Teen People
Poor Herbie Please View Full. The reds look much better.
Member reactions:
i think those babies are crying cuz they had to listen to someone read that issue

Funny Teen's won't read this

Teen's won't read this
Oh yeah, Martha Stewart always draws in the teen crowd..not.
Member reactions:
Do not fall over with lots of eggs in your hand is one rule

Funny Teen People

Teen People
As you see Time Inc. blames the failure of Teen People on the internet and competition from other magazines. Well, let's help Time Warner by creating a cover for the very last issue of Teen People magazine, possibly showing that it's the magazine content which was responsible for declining sales and loss of readers.

Funny Teen Products

Teen Products
Photoshop defensive or offensive products that will be made for teen consumers. Think of all the different children and school items that can be made into a defensive or offensive device for teens. Acceptable images are of kids from elementary to high school.

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