Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt. Mirror,Mirror, on the Wall, Who's the Roughest Rider of them all.

Funny Teddy Winner

Teddy Winner
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Funny Mr Bean and His Teddy

Mr Bean and His Teddy

Funny Frog and Teddy Bear

Frog and Teddy Bear
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Member reactions:
Your backwards, The bear is not suppose to croke.
Thanks, Elegary. Good Observance, Gummy.
Cool chop, Hidden. Noone ever thinks of Teddy when he gets replaced by an Xbox..
The frog knows that in a few days the Teddy will be attracting a lot of flies. Free lunch.
Who's there in window.. AWESOME THEME AND Heart touching. Direct to my Fav+
Thanks everyone. Eric it is a little girl with buttons sewn over her eyes
underneath the books at the border there seems to be a part of a shadow you forgot to erase. At least , i think it was not something you internded to have there..
Fixed. Thanks, Martijn. It was actually a torn area of the source wallpaper image. I agree it looks better edited out.
Thanks very much, Luciano. Losing Teddy was tough, but somehow I can still manage a smile.
Congrats Splat. These kind of chops of yours are my favorite pics in your port folio. Should have won imo. congrats just the same.
Clever and impressive. Love the huge mushroom in a pot.
And congrats SS, I thought this was a Funkwood too.. Well, fire with fire... Maybe I am going to have to chop in his style for a while and break up this dark cloud. Gee wiz
Thanks Jere...Your chop was a well deserved win. Thanks Newsy. It's the toads stool. : --> Thanks very much Hits. Thanks Doc and Gumster. Thanks Hobbit. I'm Glad you like it. Great Contest..Thanks everyone for all the great comments and high scores.
Excellent. I love it. I have no idea what it all means but it gives me the feeling you're into potted plants of sorts : )
Thanks Bob. I leave the meaning up to you Robb Thanks. Thanks Kellie. I'm Happy you like it. The 'teary eyed' card came up just short of gold. Maybe next time. Thanks very much, Elegary. and for the fave too.

Funny Teddy Roosevelt in VietNam

Teddy Roosevelt in VietNam
Member reactions:
Tragic history but that place is now quite good and progressing

Funny Sylvester Stallone with a Teddy Bear Caricature

Sylvester Stallone with a Teddy Bear Caricature
Member reactions:
Now that is like a Sly's version of the Mr. Bean Teddy, hahaha. Sly is caricatured brilliantly
Great Caricature. I like the way you've integrated the depth into your chop. Adds a nice dimension.
spot on caricature work and the teddy is a great touch.
Another excellent caricature....and is a never ending gallery .
happy winnings, funkwood. i would not be surprised when i found out sly hung it by his bedside.
Gimmie the $5 or I'll put a bullet in the bear. Great chop, Dan always a pleasure to see what you come up with. Congrats
Great stuff FW Love all the caricature work you're doing Great ambiance-lighting and composition , and ditto to Splat's comment about the depth of field. It's funny, but even though there's nobody visible, it feels like there's someone in that 1st window. Congrats on the Gold. It's very inspiring seeing all this great work I'm looking forward to chopping again one of theses days.

Funny Teddy Roosevelt as a Biker

Teddy Roosevelt as a Biker
Once a Rough Rider Always a Rough Rider
Member reactions:
One of my favorites and one of the best, IMO. Great.

Funny Mona Lisa Bean with her Teddy

Mona Lisa Bean with her Teddy
Member reactions:

Funny Mr Bean's Lost Teddy Wanted Poster

Mr Bean's Lost Teddy Wanted Poster
Member reactions:
The secret unveiled . This is what was inside Teddy.
Congratulations with Bronze win, Evirio. Classic Bean
Congratz on the cup Evirio. Great Idea. Beans a winner.

Funny Mr Bean Painting His Teddy by Magritte

Mr Bean Painting His Teddy by Magritte
Member reactions:
Only Bean can draw his Teddy Nice merge of Bean's face on the art work good looks perfect original
Freaking brilliant. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears
British teacher in Sudan was sentenced to 15 days in jail and deportation for teddy bear insult. Gillian Gibbons faced charges, after she allowed two of her her pupils to name a teddy bear Mohammed - the same name as the Muslim prophet. Mohammed is a popular male name in Sudan. Photoshop teddy bears any way you like. Some examples are: teddy bears in real life, in paintings, teddy bears ruling the world, teddy bears behaving badly. Make sure entry shows a teddy bear instead of just any bear.

Funny Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear
Photoshop this teddy bear image any way you wish. Examples may include changing its shape, merging the teddy bear with some other object or animal, including the teddy bear in paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Lyina for the idea, and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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