Dentis Using New Dental Crown Technology
Dentis Using New Dental Crown Technology
Dentis Using New Dental Crown Technology. 3D crown fabrication is now becoming more common in dental offices Dentists can now make a porcelain crown in about 30 minutes.
Member reactions:
who needs Hollywood smile when you have such crowns
Wao... new technology in dental science like the tooth and the pic on it
Top 5 too - congrats again, Paul. Some familiar faces here
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, can't help making fun of my buddies.

Funny Apple Technologies Car

Apple Technologies Car
Apple simulator car
Member reactions:
Its fully loaded simulator Car... Children can also ride it

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Advanced Technology Tester

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Advanced Technology Tester
Member reactions:
Excellent job done Nice to see the usage of technology
Congrads on the cup,on a roll. good going
Very artistic and clever. Congrats on the wood, Jay.

Funny The Mona Lisa Technology

The Mona Lisa Technology
Member reactions:
Nice job. Needs a little trimming around Mona's hair.
Creative work to bring the paintings into one composition. May need to get rid of some masking debris on the top of Mona's head though.

Funny Kevin Costner's Oil-Separation Technology

Kevin Costner's Oil-Separation Technology
Kevin Costner's Oil-Separation Technology on Gulf of Mexico Spill

Funny Vacuum Tube Rocket Technology

Vacuum Tube Rocket Technology

Funny Green Technology

Green Technology
Member reactions:
Neato .. might consider putting a bit of the earth reflection on the top of the visor.
I saw this and said, "well, everybody else can forget it, may as well pull my piece and save myself the embarassment"
As as you can see I don't win them all It can be a matter of plugging away and entering them the odds. Practice improves output.
Very awesome image Rain. I love this entry.

Funny Technology Demotivational Poster

Technology Demotivational Poster

Funny Technology Demotivational Poster

Technology Demotivational Poster
Crash n' Burn
Member reactions:
This should be microsoft's slogan. Even my Microsoft XBOX 360 is a piece of crap.

Funny Anti-collapse Bridge Technology

Anti-collapse Bridge Technology
Minneapolis bridge collapses The entire span of an interstate bridge broke into sections and collapsed into the Mississippi
Member reactions:
In the Author's Comments, it is mandatory to link to a news story.
While this story certainly happened this week, please make a link to any story about it. Thanks.
The boats holding the bridge look quite photo realistic. Decent work.

Funny Technology Pictures of the Year

Technology Pictures of the Year
This is the second contest in the series of contests "Best of Freaking News pictures of 2007". Today's category is the "best technology picture". All the entries were nominated by the Freaking News staff, so this contest is for voting only. Authors, please feel free to edit your authors comments, but please don't change the titles or otherwise edit the entries.

Funny Bio Technology

Bio Technology
Replace technology with something biological, for example: a beetle screwed into a light socket giving off light.

Funny Technology

Add a technology (GPS, Laptop, MP3 Devices, or create one, etc.) to any common item or everyday activity that you feel would benefit by incorporating a technology.

Funny Religion Technology

Religion Technology
What secret high-tech devices have the various religions of the world developed? Create images of high-tech items using religious artifacts or imagery.

Funny Technology

Invent an unnecessary machine, or create a mechanism that performs a function (either a useless function, or one that actually does something). Combine ordinary items, or use sprockets and wheels or anything else that will make your machine or process come alive.

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