High Tech Gothic Glasses
High Tech Gothic Glasses
High Tech Gothic Glasses.

Funny Alibaba Tech Bubble

Alibaba Tech Bubble
Member reactions:
That's not any old Chinese man. That is the wise sage Confused Us
Cute...Bubble effect on body is not showing too much. But I love this one.
First bubble bursted his hair, next one.....
I think with a little more blending work on the eyebrows and beard, this would have placed higher nicely done nonetheless

Funny Tech Idiots with phone Heads

Tech Idiots with phone Heads
Member reactions:
The modern version of the Three Stooges. Funny.
One of the funniest chops in the contest for me.

Funny High Tech Etch-A-Sketch Earthquake Detectors

High Tech Etch-A-Sketch Earthquake Detectors
Member reactions:
I never could make anything creative with that thing but, blank always looked good to me. Good luck-funny.
might work too...))

Funny Hi-Tech Chinese Volvo

Hi-Tech Chinese Volvo
Member reactions:
Clever and hilarious. "Safe extra long paper".
Very creative. I am sure they will come out soon with a tuning package.
Heym they got cardboard cars in Russia, or did when I was there. Why not. Great idea
nice one manrich , congrats on the woody

Funny Virginia Tech Massacre Tribute

Virginia Tech Massacre Tribute
He has made the world weep
Member reactions:
AMEN and this is An awesome tribute to the victims....

Funny Virginia Tech Tribute

Virginia Tech Tribute
This is my tribute to those who lost their lives this week in this horrific event. Story here Source here
Member reactions:
What a beautiful tribute to such a horrific event.May the 32 victims NEVER be forgotten.
beautiful indeed.... already a winner for me
what can i say, tears are rolling in my eyes... VeRy WeLL DonE
I like everything except the heads and bodies of in the sky/clouds. Maybe not overlapping them would have made it look better. Good idea though. Very sad day.
This image portrays the mood quiet well and the statue's colorization makes it jump to life. Well done... (oops, this isn't a caption)

Funny Microsoft Tech Support

Microsoft Tech Support
There are calls in que. Pedal faster.
Member reactions:
I think I spoke with one of these guys. Couldn't understand a word. Great chop.
I KNOW that's the guy who handled my customer complaint last month. HAHAHA

Funny High tech Kills

High tech Kills
Time to get the heck out of Dodge.
Member reactions:
That's crazy...and real freaky. good job. hehe

Funny High Tech Witches Broom

High Tech Witches Broom
Member reactions:
Witch goes in which direction.. I am confused coz speedy shading at both the side.. Well nice idea

Funny High-Tech Toys

High-Tech Toys
Create high-tech versions of existing toys. Use popular children's toy such as dolls, action figures, RC Cars, etc.

Funny High Tech Room Decoration

High Tech Room Decoration
Decorate and create a high tech room including TV's, Telephones, Computers and other consumer electronic devices using the provided source photo. Save the image and start decorating!

Funny High-Tech plants

High-Tech plants
What's next in the world of high-tech plants? Using any type of flora - bushes, flowers, etc. create a new high-tech plant.

Funny High Tech Agriculture

High Tech Agriculture
Create images of how high technology might impact farm life or the whole agriculture or show high tech being used on the farm in any way. Use of old black and white farming images is acceptable.

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