Myley Cyrus Teaching Twerking Poster
Myley Cyrus Teaching Twerking Poster
Myley Cyrus Teaching Twerking Poster. Twerk on sistah
Member reactions:
What a wonderful idea for our young Folks.
This is a very dangerous idea. Think of many people twerking near San Andreas Fault. Good chop.
Great Idea, all-round Super Chop LunaC. Congratulations on the POD.

Funny Teaching a Man to Pull Up His Pants

Teaching a Man to Pull Up His Pants
who is that mysterious man who taught the inner city to hold up it's pants. it's Jesus. And he means buisness. and yes, i know what you're thinking, did i spell campaign wrong on purpose. yes, i did. it's part of the joke.
Member reactions:
nice teaching .... and the backward support also
Wonderful job done, good aura / glow outline very nice good luck

Funny Adobe Photoshop Teaching Robot

Adobe Photoshop Teaching Robot
Wouldn't it be nice to have an expert photoshop robot teaching you and doing your chops for you. I know, where is the fun then. but I think it would be worth the effort..

Funny Danny Devito Teaching Ballet Class Painting

Danny Devito Teaching Ballet Class Painting
Orginal painting here
Member reactions:
Freaking superb match of the paintbrush texture - I had to look to the original to know which elements were exactly added.
Now but a great image. Congratulations on the trifecta
Thanks all. Danny Davito is the instructor. Low amount of entries from our top guns makes me wanna to chop extras, hint hint
A 'Hat-Trick' for the Rainman-Congratulations.
I was in the hospital, I have a good excuse Great job on the threesome.
Whoa, trifecta for Rain. a rare honor, congratulations.
, congrats AZ TrifectaMan. Great work on all.

Funny Dog Teaching Little Girl

Dog Teaching Little Girl
Member reactions:
Nice shadow work from the girl. The Dog needs to cast shadows onto the bridge too though

Funny Michael Jackson Teaching Ballerinas in Dance Class by Degas

Michael Jackson Teaching Ballerinas in Dance Class by Degas
Member reactions:
I agree with roonma. I think michael is a small man (man.)
Love it. Fantastic composition and blending. Will he show them the moonwalk.
Silver king of the pop. Congratulations Mandrak.
He He. Sham-on. Great silver work. Very funny and well done. Congrats Mandrak.
Whacko Jacko fits right in doesn't he. Good texture matching on this one. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Educated Parrot Teaching

Educated Parrot Teaching
Lost parrot tells veterinarian his address
Member reactions:
Congrats again Funkwood Looks like Polly Potter.
This is one smart birdie No wonder it won a trophy.

Funny Clown on Stilts Teaching Children

Clown on Stilts Teaching Children

Funny Teaching A Baby to Swim on a Table

Teaching A Baby to Swim on a Table
This baby will be a champion...
Member reactions:
Extremely creative and very well executed.
Water overflow really sets this off. Sometimes a small little addition like this can really make a good image great. Well done.
aeeeeeeeee...... congratulations... again....
Congratulations brazil this dominating here
Great work here, the flowing water really puts it over the top

Funny Angel Teaching the Violin

Angel Teaching the Violin
Source angel by Bouguereau "Perhaps children's innocence, wherever it comes from, contributes to the fact that they seem to see angels more often." - John Ronner "Children often have imaginary playmates. I suspect that half of them are really their guardian angels." - Eileen Elias Freeman
Member reactions:
great job adding the hidden part of the angel and changing/adjust the colors of she.
This is amazing.

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