Teacher  C. Schumer
Teacher  C. Schumer
Teacher C. Schumer.

Funny Nerd teacher

Nerd teacher

Funny Teacher Albert Einstein in the Classroom Caricature

Teacher Albert Einstein in the Classroom Caricature
full view please.. See Original Full view
Member reactions:
Had this as my fave. Awesome blackboard renderings besides the epic caricature.
Great Einstein caricature Silvercanine. Bronze Congrats.
One of the craziest chops I've seen for Einstein. Congrats on the bronze, SC.
Masterful chop... Congrats on the bronze. I love it
Amazing work. I like it. Congrats on the Bronze, SC. Merry Christmas, mate ^^

Funny Praying Mantis Teacher

Praying Mantis Teacher

Funny Fifty Cent the Teacher

Fifty Cent the Teacher
Member reactions:
Get richer or dye trying.... any thing can be possible if you read it
You could have gotten in trouble but you stayed civil I admire that because this guy leaves the door wide open. Congrats on the silver

Funny Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet
Okay...it's not a full adult body just a partial one. Hope it's not too far out of the box. Classic contest idea Hitspinner. Perusing Music Alice Cooper: School's Out Big View
Member reactions:
Link the tune, Schools Out, and you'll be fine. Lol. ; )
Find Alice Cooper's Facebook page and message him with this image attached. Love it.
Excellent job, great image . I'm sure Alice will appreciate. but I would liked "more" adult body with the head...
Awesome.... great look of the slicing of head and its still crying of pain lovely job and terrific view to see the head torn off Well done
---Thanx Geriatric. Glad you like it. Alice may think I'm a loon if I send him this....I'm Thinking.....OKAY. I'll look him up. ---Thank you Balodyia ---Thanx Ariel. I feel what your saying ---Thank you Raj
This is called the PS-excellence... U are a master hidden what a fantastic work with the teachers pet....u scared me up and really put me under my bed with thrilling heart and I must say this is the other face of the coin for the concept provided by Newsy Good luck keep showing ur freaky stuff
Super Comment. Thanx Eric. Sorry I scared you .. Alice doesn't bite. Well at least not anymore. A short story on how he got started. In his Own Words
Many Thanks Ariel9, Paul, N-Master, Bmore and Hitspinner for the great contest idea.
Thanks for the great chop. hahahahaha FM.
Thanks HS. What can I say. Juat one of those 'what if moments' you have to share. .

Funny Margaret Thatcher Teacher Painting

Margaret Thatcher Teacher Painting
Member reactions:
Nice look given to her in an old classical painting.... Thatcher is teacher

Funny Teacher Strangling a Kid

Teacher Strangling a Kid
Enroll Now.
Member reactions:
Hysterical and very well done. Great cast of characters. Gotta say that the guy crawling on the floor well deserves whatever he has gotten.
....a few special guest stars in this one
Fantastic work. *Mirror effects and shadowing *Scary characters *Zomby boy hangging *I hate schools tag and texts Love it.
Nice concept to include... Scary school with all the characters specially the man on the floor and the lady near the door looks scary. and good lift-over Kid by the mom is terrific

Funny Nasty Chemistry Teacher Silvio Berlusconi

Nasty Chemistry Teacher Silvio Berlusconi
Member reactions:
this one made me laugh. nice touch with the periodic table too. and clock.
Thanks Matthew. Thanks pcedds. pree... We use to have teachers that would stand in the hallway between classes in junior high holding a wood paddle.
hidden for fun....
i thought for sure this would have won,it was very funny,very clever....fyi i gave you a 10

Funny Barack Obama Teacher in the Classroom

Barack Obama Teacher in the Classroom
Expand your horizons in school, Obama urges students "Education is the art of making man ethical"
Member reactions:
If you can't 'DO' then 'Teach';fits like a glove.

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