Taxed Wolverine
Taxed Wolverine
Taxed Wolverine. Member reactions:
Awesome concept, neatly executed very well done, like it
This really astonishing to judge the tax can be taken like this , even superheros were not being spared
must be an adamantium saw. Great idea JS, and great execution.
Congrats Jim...the IRS's saw is out of this world, .
Silver congrats to you Jim
Awesome stuff, Jim. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Taxed By Freakingnews

Taxed By Freakingnews
Full view please..
Member reactions:
Very intelligent ... to find this idea to deduct the TDS for FN newsy apply this idea
This was a cool chop , bronze congrats to you Silver
Congrats on the bronze, silvercanine. And thanks for the honor.

Funny Taxed Coffin

Taxed Coffin
Taxed to the bitter End...
Member reactions:
death doesn't even stop the man from taking half
Oh dear
Very funny even the dead were not spared from Tax, fellow country man paid all your dues before you die is my message

Funny Luxery Car after Taxes

Luxery Car after Taxes
2010 Bugatti car..but not a very happy driver...
Member reactions:
OMG became transparent car

Funny Hummer Taxed

Hummer Taxed
Not much fun this way..but it is a Hummer
Member reactions:
This would be the correct position of a person who is not paying the tax regularly very good

Funny Boat After Taxes

Boat After Taxes
After Taxes, Uncle Sam is using the other half

Funny Taxed Winnebago

Taxed Winnebago
Taxed Winnebago..great view though
Member reactions:
Very clever, even the tax man taken off their half possession, even they were enjoying a lot very funny
Congrats Mundo...reminds me of the Ford Dreamer.
Woody congrats Mundo ...
That would definitely work, . Congrats on the wood, Mundo.

Funny Warren Buffett as Robin with Tax Money

Warren Buffett as Robin with Tax Money
Warren Buffett, a hero for our times

Funny Tom Cruise in Scientology Tax Vault

Tom Cruise in Scientology Tax Vault
Hes 50 hes a scientologist they pay no tax, you work it out.
Member reactions:
Good idea with the source
Thanks kellie for the source, By the way good job.

Funny Woman Taxed and Cut in Half

Woman Taxed and Cut in Half
Member reactions:
Poignant...the Guv'ment wants fresh meat for the Grinder. High marks. This would make a great magazine cover detailing the Tax issue.
Thank you so much to everybody, I am glad you like it.
Thank you Krrish, Sams, Passion, Balodiya, PSMandrake
They taxed his other half. Awesome work slicing a girl into two pieces. Love what you did with the money briefcase too.
Yes, they are bad guys and taxes everything. Thank you Newsy
Way to go sunshin3 , Gold all the way ...
Congrats on the gold Sunshin3. Great concept and execution.
Lots of thanks Chili, Pcr, Matthew I appreciate

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