George Bush Taxed
George Bush Taxed
George Bush Taxed. Member reactions:
Lol excellent job. There is a dichotomy here, I don't think Bush pays taxes like the rest of us Congrats on the silver

Funny Vladimir Putin Making Gerard Depardieu Fill Out a Tax Return

Vladimir Putin Making Gerard Depardieu Fill Out a Tax Return
Depardieu: "Unfortunately anyway taxes will be collected by that bald "friend" from Russia"
Member reactions:
Very well executed Best of luck..Nice way to collect the tax..
Really freaking clever. Even "Russian Standard" vodka is there
You get the tax returns only by using AK 47
Nice One Wanderer. You did well against many tough competitors in this contest.

Funny Taxed Taxi

Taxed Taxi
A Free Service...and Keep The Change in Your Pocket........
Member reactions:
Movement of your belongings to the tax department is made of free.... and remaining nuts were filled in your pocket.... crazy idea and the Lad in a freaky mood to react

Funny Taxed American Wedding

Taxed American Wedding
Member reactions:
Being wedded... and the tastiest loaf was taken out as tax crazy movie poster creation

Funny Taxed Statue of Liberty

Taxed Statue of Liberty
Member reactions:
Need to get Obama Care..... crazy statue with liberty to wear full clothes funny way to extract tax

Funny Taxed Venus de Milo Statue

Taxed Venus de Milo Statue
Member reactions:
got to know the reason behind the incomplete statues well done
Woody, Grats lucianomorelli. Great signwork.
Me likes this one a lot. Congrats on the wood, Luciano.

Funny The Apple Tax Bite

The Apple Tax Bite
Member reactions:
The display gone.... to full fill the requirement of tax
Really good idea and the quality of this chop is pro
, I love how you remade the Apple logo with taxes. Bronze congrats, GRM.

Funny Tax Man Taking Lotter Money

Tax Man Taking Lotter Money
Member reactions:
Where ever money there will be a tax man to cut... All Money no tax cut makes Jack a dull and lazy boy

Funny Flushing Away Tax

Flushing Away Tax
Member reactions:
This chop should be taught in classes of "Money Circulation 101"

Funny Daniel Craig Taxed

Daniel Craig Taxed
Danial has been stripped of half his assets, including his clothes.
Member reactions:
Pay not go to there office
being a Brit., Dan'd more likely have to chip in the other half trousers and perhaps a sleeve as well.
He has to try and hold on to the assets he has left.
Its too hillarious to find the half a dress taken off towards Tax and very funny to see the man trying to save of his asset

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