Taxed Winnebago
Taxed Winnebago
Taxed Winnebago. Taxed Winnebago..great view though
Member reactions:
Very clever, even the tax man taken off their half possession, even they were enjoying a lot very funny
Congrats Mundo...reminds me of the Ford Dreamer.
Woody congrats Mundo ...
That would definitely work, . Congrats on the wood, Mundo.

Funny Warren Buffett as Robin with Tax Money

Warren Buffett as Robin with Tax Money
Warren Buffett, a hero for our times

Funny Tom Cruise in Scientology Tax Vault

Tom Cruise in Scientology Tax Vault
Hes 50 hes a scientologist they pay no tax, you work it out.
Member reactions:
Good idea with the source
Thanks kellie for the source, By the way good job.

Funny Woman Taxed and Cut in Half

Woman Taxed and Cut in Half
Member reactions:
Poignant...the Guv'ment wants fresh meat for the Grinder. High marks. This would make a great magazine cover detailing the Tax issue.
Thank you so much to everybody, I am glad you like it.
Thank you Krrish, Sams, Passion, Balodiya, PSMandrake
They taxed his other half. Awesome work slicing a girl into two pieces. Love what you did with the money briefcase too.
Yes, they are bad guys and taxes everything. Thank you Newsy
Way to go sunshin3 , Gold all the way ...
Congrats on the gold Sunshin3. Great concept and execution.
Lots of thanks Chili, Pcr, Matthew I appreciate

Funny Taxed Law Firm Missing Half the Building

Taxed Law Firm Missing Half the Building
"We can only pray for the day when it really does happen to those nice Legal Eagles downtown." .
Member reactions:
Brilliant Idea. you must include your sources for this image. Good Luck
Cool. That federal agent means business, hahaha.
Add another cup to the wall , Congrat on your win ...

Funny Supernatural Tax Invaders Take Half a Car

Supernatural Tax Invaders Take Half a Car
They're Watching... Sources
Member reactions:
Nice clean chop. Although it's hard to define the truck. The source looked good "as is" Anyway, still good.
yeah, nice work. i just don't see what happened to the car...
It's supposed to look chopped/melted in half. Almost in a "diagonal" sort of way. I tried to convey that the UFO spaceship had just got done shooting a laser which took off half the truck.
Very well done with the day to night effect. Well done. All the best.
Good use of the source and nice way of presenting it, all the best
Thank you all for the input. I really appreciate it.
Quality work. Cutting the car in half is a challenging task but you did a decent work with it.
Way to go Matthewlynn , Congrats on the silver ...

Funny Ozzy Osbourne's Tax Trouble

Ozzy Osbourne's Tax Trouble
Source Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne owe more than $718,000 in unpaid taxes for the 2008 tax year and roughly $1 million in unpaid taxes for 2009, according to lien documents filed in the L.A. County Recorder's Office.
Member reactions:
What does this have to do with the contest instructions.
Pcrdds , i started off with another idea , but it turned out stupid so i decided to have the tax papers in ozzy's hand shredded (torn)in half . Thx rajeshstar for your words ....
i am not sure to fit this to the contest instruction. However well done.
Yea , i know Krrish , i had a hard time deciding ,, Grrrrr ... Thx for the comment anyway .
Its looks good, but little bit out of the topic given.
Congrats on the bronze Chili, I like the flying papers, cool work

Funny Taxed Office worker Loses his Legs and Desk

Taxed Office worker Loses his Legs and Desk
This is one of the hardest chops i have done... any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Member reactions:
The legs were taxed too it seems. I mean this year the taxes cost him an arm and a leg, . Quality chop, lots of work shows here
I don't see the blood, maybe the lag was taken one or two years before.))
, it does sort of look like he should be screaming: My legs. Where's my F'n legs. Edit, Nice chop, by the way. Very clean.
Lots of funny work in this , good luck ..

Funny Napoleon as Tax Man

Napoleon as Tax Man
Member reactions:
Hahaha, you Napo looks great in glasses. Kinda like a cross between a geek and a novelty. Excellent work
Thank you for the comments I changed him to look a bit like Peter Sellers
hey hitman .. that's awesome work .. love the whole design .. add to my favor too congrats on the silver and keep up the great works
Congratulations on your silver.If you speak English, it will be much better to praise
Congrats. I loved this at first sight: the poor old man and Napoleon blessed in his sadism... and the vanilla sky is a touch of class.
Great Hitman are you reporting all these hot bucks your making.
Great job Hitspinner, congrats on the silver..
Congrats on the win. Really is the best. The old guy is so dam cute. Love it.
Congrats on the silver, Hits. It's like winning at Waterloo.
Thanks folks. Ya gotta make enough to report, HH. Those Wall Street investment types ruined any plans I had for makig a bundle before I retire and I was fine on giving the government some of my wealth if I had it to give. But since they will just turn around and give whatever I give them, right back to the Bankers for their 30,000,000 retirement packages it doesn't make any sense to give the IRS even one cent, does it. Thanks for the votes.
Congrats on the silver Hitspinner. Beautiful work. Love your concept as well

Funny Tax Man Taking Half a Boat

Tax Man Taking Half a Boat
Member reactions:
Half the boat - fantastico. even the boat engine is cut in half. Someone's gota tax the tax people one day, - it'd make a good horror movie, called "Tax Cut"
this is beautiful work. it's 2:30 a.m. and it's sitting low. i find this VERY odd.
I get that Kelly. I guess not everyone sees what i see. yeah, that's it, that's the ticket.........
Glad to see this finishing where it should.
Dang, I knew when I saw this late entry I was in a heap of trouble. Good job, congrats on the gold.
Thank you very much guys.. Oldman and Kellie, appreciate your support. I was a bit worried as well

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