Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Lincoln appointment in Tattoo Studio
Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Lincoln appointment in Tattoo Studio
Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Lincoln appointment in Tattoo Studio.

Funny Tattooed Emperor

Tattooed Emperor
Member reactions:
Nice job Armatien and Denlig.

Funny Doc, please help and remove tattoo. I don't love him anymore.

Doc, please help and remove tattoo. I don't love him anymore.
Member reactions:
obama's face. :* congrats

Funny never too old for a tattoo

never too old for a tattoo

Funny Tattooed Carly Fiorina Smoking a Cigar

Tattooed Carly Fiorina Smoking a Cigar
Member reactions:
Love the idea and texture. Just needs a hat shadow and definition in the hair.
High marks for originality. Love seeing something a little different for FN.
Maud Wagner was a circus performer and the first known female tattoo artist in the United States
Keep up the cool work. I am with LC, nice change. I think with a few extra minutes you might have had a gold cup with this one. It's one of the most innovative styles to pass by in a while.
Top5congrats, Debbie. LOve the Cigar and the Hat.
Thanks Hitspinner,I know I should have fixed it more.Hopefully my learning curve will work out for me.I have been trying to think up new styles to up my ante a bit.Sometimes it works,sometimes not.Fooling around with different textures. It is not an exact science for me yet.I am still in my experimental phase.Thanks Crafty,Joan,Nanny,Kellie(Yes,kellie ,I love Maud.I am a tattoo enthusiast,always loved this photo of her.),Gummy,Ho,Splat and thanks Luna

Funny Tattooed Betty White

Tattooed Betty White
Member reactions:
Lol that looks like something Betty would do Great looking truck.
Nice One Hidden. ...that cat is about to paw Betty a sharp surprise.
Nice composition. In my opinion the chicken should be smaller, but cat posture is a plus.
I bet she loved classic cars. Congrats on the woody, Debbie.
Congratulations, Debbie. Great to see You and Betty on the podium.
Congrats on the Wood, andwhat ... Fun stuff - I especially like the "Stay Golden"
Congrats on pulling down a trophy, Deb. Was hoping it would, great job
Thanks everybody,it feels great to be on the podium

Funny Marilyn Monroe's Tattoo Shop

Marilyn Monroe's Tattoo Shop
Pretty In Ink
Member reactions:
. Superb.Maybe hat's shadow could be darker.
Just a fine tribute to Marilyn. Full of sweetness and very nicely put together.
Great piece, a feast for the eyes, so much to look at all well done. Not sure if those are supposed to be black velvet paintings but that's the feel I get, love the tats on the cat, is that one of them nekkid cats.
Super close between 4th and 5th, great job, andwhat.
Nice work and great tribute andwhat. The cat is a nice touch.
Thanks Swashbuckle,Lucianomorelli,UncleChamp my friend,and Robb.Thanks Robb ,and yes it's a spyinx,hairless cat .

Funny Einstein with Tattoos

Einstein with Tattoos
The people who've ruined the world don't have tattoos: they have the jacket and tie.
Member reactions:
Great work on blending all the sources here in harmony. The pendant with a radiation sign is way cool. The nuke mushroom almost feels like a big halo floating over the Einstein's head
Blending is superlative, maybe a less grey body.....
Wise words PJ. Very well done chop. top 5 congrats and in this contest that is saying something.

Funny Eva Mendes Tattoo

Eva Mendes Tattoo
Member reactions:
Cool tattoo, her ... on back is fabulous work

Funny Tattooed Masked Woman

Tattooed Masked Woman
imagination can make you fly, activate
Member reactions:
Nice image. Unfortunately a bit small. The site will stretch and blur anything less than 1000 pixels wide.
Like the shades of her which reveals her true bueaty
SplatShot is right. Please submit images at least 1000 pixels wide. Nice work though

Funny DEVAST8-ing Tattoo

DEVAST8-ing Tattoo
A man with a tattoo that says DEVAST8 across his chin, mouth and cheeks says he is unable to get a job. Mark Cropp believes his tattoo is putting off potential employers as he tries desperately to get off the dole. He got the tattoo while in prison and drunk on alcohol made out of apples, sugar and bread inside the jail in Christchurch, New Zealand. He told the NZ Herald: ‘Before I knew it I had this on my face. I twas swollen like a bloody pumpkin.’ He was jailed two years ago when he was 17 for armed robbery and was recently freed. In this contest you become the tattoo artist. Give REALISTIC tattoos to any HISTORICAL figure from anywhere in the world. No modern day celebrities or politicians, please reach into the past. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Tattoos

This is a themed contest. Do not edit the theme post. In this contest we are asking you to show tattoos added to celebrities or other people. Here's your chance to be the next reality show super star. You can place tattoos on anyone you choose. Creating tattoos from scratch is a plus, as well as doing unusual tattoos. Please note that we originally asked for tattoos created from scratch and then applied to people. Since majority of submissions were applying the existing tattoos, we decided to allow them as an exception and added this to the directions. However, please make sure to read the directions thoroughly next time. This image supplied by Stock Exchange. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical Freaking News entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here.

Funny Tattoo

Create images of tattoo of any world politicians.

Funny Tattoo

Create any tattoo that we might see - either political or commercial. Send a message in skin and ink.

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