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Funny Tattoo Pictures

David Gets First Tattoo At Age 510Funny David Gets First Tattoo At Age 510
Member reactions:
Broadcaster David Dimbleby Gets First Tattoo At Age 75
Cool........ Let me say that again... Cool.........

Ghoul With the Dragon TattooFunny Ghoul With the Dragon Tattoo
Member reactions:

I can see the Ghostly face not the dragon tattoo but good chop well designed
There is no dragon tattoo -- just the ghouls in the positions the stars of the movie were in.

Beckham's Tattoo StudioFunny Beckham's Tattoo Studio
Member reactions:

Well done ... Put all his achievements as tattoos in his body

Tattoo your dog for identificationFunny Tattoo your dog for identification
Member reactions:

Man tattoos dog, under investigation for animal cruelty
Good idea to protect your own pets.... and well chop the spider tattoo on this chop... good one

When Tattoo Artists Fall AsleepFunny When Tattoo Artists Fall Asleep
Member reactions:

Great idea. Love the trailing "squiggle" on the tat.
Get him up or else the whole body will be covered with tattoo... very funny sleep ...
Freestyle tattoo, ha ha ha really great concept
Congratulations. Another winning chop Slixter.

Hugh Hefner Getting a TattooFunny Hugh Hefner Getting a Tattoo
Member reactions:

Hysterical. Is that salis giving him the tattoo.
Love do not have any age, even Viagra proved it its a dare act and has all pain while making a tattoo for his beloved
Clean job done all the best to the old man out there

The Dragon With the Girl TattooFunny The Dragon With the Girl Tattoo
Member reactions:

You wouldn't believe how hard it was finding a dragon who was looking forwards..

Jesse Smith Caricature from Loose Screw TattooFunny Jesse Smith Caricature from Loose Screw Tattoo
Member reactions:

great... i like really... and very funny

Lance Armstrong`s Scary Face TattooFunny Lance Armstrong`s Scary Face Tattoo
Member reactions:

Tattooed DoctorFunny Tattooed Doctor
Member reactions:

This does work,sometimes....
Ha ha, too true. I like the way you kept the color to just a part of the image and left the rest white.

TattoosFunny Tattoos - This is a themed contest. Do not edit the theme post. In this contest we are asking you to show tattoos added to celebrities or other people. Here's your chance to be the next reality show super star. You can place tattoos on anyone you choose. Creating tattoos from scratch is a plus, as well as doing unusual tattoos. Please note that we originally asked for tattoos created from scratch and then applied to people. Since majority of submissions were applying the existing tattoos, we decided to allow them as an exception and added this to the directions. However, please make sure to read the directions thoroughly next time. This image supplied by Stock Exchange. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical Freaking News entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here.

TattooFunny Tattoo - Create images of tattoo of any world politicians.

Celebrity TattoosFunny Celebrity Tattoos - Grab your needles and ink! It's time to tattoo celebrities and politicians from around the world!

TattooFunny Tattoo - Create any tattoo that we might see - either political or commercial. Send a message in skin and ink.

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