Chase Utley Vs a Cop with a Taser
Chase Utley Vs a Cop with a Taser
Chase Utley Vs a Cop with a Taser. After The Police in Philadelphia Tasered their own fans, they turned thier attention to Chase Utley Use of taser more than necessary on fan
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Could you please add a News Link as contest directions ask for. Thx
Thanks for news link...added it to the authors comments for you. Nice chop
good idea
Great job, and thanks for plugging the news link

Funny Policeman Tasers a Car

Policeman Tasers a Car
Tasers aren't dangerous. French Police have found a way to make them even safer.
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The officer being pulled after the car is hilarious. And nice touch with the lightning-filled sky.

Funny Taser Party

Taser Party
Have you recieved your invitation yet.
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hehe. great story and job on the pic. now that's a party worth RSVPing for.

Funny Tater Taser

Tater Taser
Load the TATER X26 Taser Gun with one russet potato and stun your adversary with deadly, heart-stopping, cholesterol-laden french fries. Full view recommended.

Funny Cop Shooting Taser

Cop Shooting Taser
A highly competent member of the Federal National Police offers his complicated explanation of an otherwise simple situation.

Funny Salvador Dali Taser

Salvador Dali Taser
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. I like this ad - full view recommended to read the endorsement. Good approach, and different from other entries.

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