Peace Targets
Peace Targets
Peace Targets.

Funny Obama Being Targeted by an XRay Gun

Obama Being Targeted by an XRay Gun
The Military Now Has X-Ray Guns
Member reactions:
Clever. Actually worthy of an idea for a new contest
Great chop, great subject, just great all around. Deserves a cup

Funny Target Practice

Target Practice
Member reactions:
Ha I like this idea
Very clever how could the blood coming from the shoot point
That's one creative use of the source photo

Funny Targeting a Young New Cigarette Market

Targeting a Young New  Cigarette Market
Aee large please
Member reactions:
Must be from out of town...(.)Nice work-good luck.
Congratulations. Not a winner this contest but, a memorable image. Nice work.
Totally love how you turned the boy into an alien. - he looks natural.

Funny Mirror Target Practice

Mirror Target Practice
Member reactions:
Hahahahah it's just as well he's practicing, because he's all over the place ... Very excellent work.

Funny Boy Falling From Sky Onto Target

Boy Falling From Sky Onto Target

Funny Target Store Sale

Target Store Sale
Member reactions:
funny one got lead in your pencil but no wood,
One of the most creative entries in the contest. Needs a full view for a full impression.

Funny `Stay on Target`

`Stay on Target`
Sources used Please view full size

Funny Target Fire

Target Fire
Two on looking employees wonder if Walmart is hiring.

Funny Sunflower Target

Sunflower Target
Member reactions:
shadows of the arrows could make this pic more realistyc
Love it. One of my favorites in the contest.

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