Target Store Sale
Target Store Sale
Target Store Sale. Member reactions:
funny one got lead in your pencil but no wood,
One of the most creative entries in the contest. Needs a full view for a full impression.

Funny Archery Practice Using Men as Targets

Archery Practice Using Men as Targets
Friends don't let friends watch Friends
Member reactions:
This is hilarious. Nice to see you back, Canvas.

Funny Liberals Target John McCain's Age and Health

Liberals Target John McCain's Age and Health
"Liberals Target McCain's Age and Health" . . . and don't forget his judgement. CNS News (The Right News, Right Now) story
Member reactions:
John looks younger every day. No more wrinkles.
The heaven is a smart hint (If I got it right - he could be there any minute). Quality work

Funny People Watching the Target Store Fire

People Watching the Target Store Fire
Two on looking employees wonder if Walmart is hiring.

Funny Sunflower Target

Sunflower Target
Member reactions:
shadows of the arrows could make this pic more realistyc
Love it. One of my favorites in the contest.

Funny Missile Heading to a Target Airlines Plane

Missile Heading to a Target Airlines Plane
Easy Airlines have Merged with Target Stores.... Discount Fares for Flights to Iraq, Iran and Colombia... FLY THE UNFRIENDLY SKIES
Member reactions:
Ha. I'm not so sure I'd want to fly on that airline. Seems it would be tooo tempting for terrorists. Great entry.
Very funny entry. Try to soften the shadow along the bottom front end on the plane under the logo. Also, I find it odd that the red color is different. Would be a much sharper image if you could tweak the colors to match.
great job. Needs to be Colombia - without the U

Funny Target Practice

Target Practice
America wins gold even though "Accidents" and "Injuries" plague the biathlon event.
Member reactions:
Awe geez who let cheney have another gun..
the sunglasses and leash should show some sort of shadow, otherwise very funny and timely chop.

Funny Target Range

Target Range
Time for Mr.Cheney to go back to school....GUN SAFETY SCHOOL.
Member reactions:
Cheney's policy always was "Shoot first, ask questions later"
Excellent thinking, wish the work you did was a bit closer to the focus of the picture
yep, nope, nope, yep, yep, nope, yep, nope, yep, nope nope.

Funny Target

Who says there's no such thing as a "free launch". Full view for maximum effect. It's a blast.
Member reactions:
I like it but I'm not too far from a Target.

Funny Target Olympics

Target Olympics
Coming to a skijump competition near you. 3rd entry; please suggest ways to improve this image. I have very little photoshop training and really want to improve my skills. Enjoy
Member reactions:
Nice overll. Great concept on the image, and thats half the battle. G.I.JOE..
hahaha, this just cracks me up
This is hilarious... The Target sign was the perfect touch.
very nice work, but perhaps a better source image would have helped, but as it is, this is a very nice chop.

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