Aye Aye Tarantula
 Aye Aye Tarantula
Aye Aye Tarantula. Member reactions:
... funny look'n bug.
Hilarious and really blended perfectly with color matching as well.
This is a good one. I strongly agree with LunaC

Funny Dog Tarantula

Dog Tarantula
Member reactions:
Quality work, though I would refrein from the artistic filter here , keeping it photo-realistic

Funny Mona Lisa Painted on a Tarantula

Mona Lisa Painted on a Tarantula
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Funny Tarantula

Can you spot the tarantula.
Member reactions:
it would look more realistic if the spider's legs were on the supports in the foreground, perspective is slightly off i think
Don't think I want to cross Brooklyn Bridge any time soon.

Funny Panther Tarantula

Panther Tarantula
i don't know whether this would be found in the cave of California.. But this is a new species..
Member reactions:
lowering the saturation of the red values in the panther would have taken the edge off the slight variance between the jet black fur of the tarantula and the slightly reddish brown fur from the panther source.

Funny Hillary Being Chased By a Giant Tarantula

Hillary Being Chased By a Giant Tarantula

Funny Tarantula Attacking a Praying Mantis

Tarantula Attacking a Praying Mantis

Funny Giant Tarantula

Giant Tarantula
Member reactions:
You've got the burger and drink reflections but I think would look better with some for the spiders,
reflections in the shiny counter top might sell it better.

Funny Tarantula Ring

Tarantula Ring
Member reactions:
cool, though the shadows need a bit of work, try sampling the red color from the shadow from between the fingers, and have the shadow cast from the second leg from the left on the bottom row cast a thinner shadow on the pinky finger.

Funny Squirrel tarantula

Squirrel tarantula
Member reactions:
The itsy-bitsy Suirantula, went up the water spout.... down came the rain and washed the Suirantula out. Out came the rain and dried up all the rain and the itsy-bitsy Suirantula went up the spout again.
he's got legs....he knows how to use them
This Squirrel has a leg up on the competition
Brilliant idea, I just wish the fur color of the squirrel head matched the fur (can I call it fur.) color of the tarantula.

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