Duct Taped Cat
Duct Taped Cat
Duct Taped Cat. Cat recovering from duct tape binding
Member reactions:
now the Dogs have a very funny time to tease the cats very well done like the news entry
ha ha ha Love it Dog's expression is fabulous

Funny Woman with Taped on Glasses

Woman with Taped on Glasses
This chick is saving big money on eye glass frames..good for her..
Member reactions:
Very funny. I've known people who actually did that. .
the left bottom tape doesn't appear to be on the lens, is that on purpose.

Funny Tommy Lee Jones Made From a Cassette Tape

Tommy Lee Jones Made From a Cassette Tape
"His movies are always worth taping." .

Funny Tom Hanks Made From Cassette Tape

Tom Hanks Made From Cassette Tape
"He's one of my favourite actors."
Member reactions:
I like it a lot -- would like it better if the source of the tape was a movie reel.

Funny Salvador Dali Made From Casette Tape

Salvador Dali Made From Casette Tape
"I'm a long time Dali fan."
Member reactions:
Yes, definitely very unique. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how this artist accomplished this effect.
Looks great. Inspired by cassette tape art. You did a good job
Stylish. Unique. Unusual. Beautificent. Really a gem of the contest.
Wiz--Outstanding work here. Best of Show in my book.

Funny Obama Reviews the Clinton's Sex Tape

Obama Reviews the Clinton's Sex Tape
Fairly bad quality because the server does not accept more than 350 kb
Member reactions:
http://eaglesdesigner.deviantart.com/art/clinton- ... t-tape-205957074 As you can see Obama sitting and Chief of Staff ..... Carrying a picture of Hillary Clinton is wearing underwear ( Clinton appears in the mirror in the middle of the couch is wearing underwear ) , And also appear in the back it ready to fight .......
You can bring the quality down to about 8 without losing much resolution. Allowing you to transfer a fairly large image. It also doesn't hurt to tweak the jpg image once it's been resized. I like the pic. Nice use of filters.
Just make a web copy at 1200 pixel and turn down the jpeg...no quality will be lost...or not much anyway...good luck....cool idea, topaz a bit strong, but i do it with topaz too..love it..
I agree with the above - many people submit here and 350 KB restriction is not a problem - just look at other entries in this contest or other contests. Great entry.

Funny Michelle Obama Duct Tapes Barack Obama

Michelle Obama Duct Tapes Barack Obama
Michelle knows how to rule, use duct tape on her man. Free duct tape for all women.
Member reactions:
I just hope that she only duct tapes his face and spares the other parts

Funny iPhone4 With Duct Tape

iPhone4 With Duct Tape
iPhone4 Antenna Issues
Member reactions:
"A duct tape a day keeps the Apple iPhone in play"
Hilarious. It looks like some kind of duct tape burka for iPhone too

Funny Tape 'N Mail Postage Service

Tape 'N Mail Postage Service

Funny Duct Tape Bandit Wanted Poster

Duct Tape Bandit Wanted Poster
Member reactions:
Maybe it's my eyes; but this one (head image) seems to stand out from the surface -- sorta kindalike almost a 3D effect. Hmmm ...interestingly effective corner curl
Thanks. Yea I thought that also,but just couldn't get it the way I wanted, so I recreated it. See what you think. Thanks for the help.
Better ... and I see you've gotten rid of the (obvious) cloning work on the lower left corner as well, Good Job. I'm having a frazzling time with my own rendition; perhaps I'll have time to get back to it in time for submission deadline. Or not ...

Funny Duct Tape Festival

Duct Tape Festival
This weekend it's the Duct Tape Festival held in Avon OH, the home to the manufacturer of Duck Brand Duct Tape. The festival includes such activities as Duct Tape Fashion Show, duct tape games, duct tape sculptures and crafts. They say the duct tape is that thing that holds the universe together, and there ain't no thing that duct tape can't fix. To have Duct Tape festivities at Freaking News, photoshop duct tape any way you wish. Some examples are: fix things with duct tape, wrap it around your favorite celebrities and other objects, make crafts and statues from duct tape, etc.

Funny Duct Tape People

Duct Tape People
There has been an attempted robbery in a Kentucky liquor store by a man wrapped in duct tape to conceal his identity. The so called "duct tape bandit" was stopped and held by the store owner until the police arrived. Ironically, the owner used the baseball bat wrapped in duct tape to stop and catch the burglar. Duct tape your favorite public figure or celebrity. Place duct tape over mouth, face, body parts, but remember to keep your entries safe for work. You can apply duct tape on their skin, hair, eyes, or on their clothes or shoes. We are tired of hearing celebrities and politicians whine, duct tape them.

Funny NASA loses moon landing tape

NASA loses moon landing tape
NASA has just announced they lost the moon landing tape. Well, that's quite surprising isn't it? "Looking for over a year, and still can't find the tape" is quite a statement worthy of the world leading Space agency fed with with billions of dollars from tax payers. And to make matters worse, it's not just a tiny roll of tape, ... NASA says "there are over 700 BOXES of transmission tape from Apollo missing". After statements like that I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow NASA boss comes up with a statement "OK, found it. It was under a couch." There's a speculation, however, that NASA people are "full of wit" and that the tape is missing because the whole Moon landing was staged and filmed hoax, and now they decided to get rid of the evidence. Well, not to worry, folks, FreakingNews is here to save the world yet again. Let us help NASA 'restore' the missing tape by showing the stills / photos of Moon landing mission in its original "uncut version" showing all the evidence that moon landing was a staged hoax. P.S. Since the time I first published this contest, NASA has published they now can't find their Shuttle Discovery either. Just kidding. But it's only a matter ot time, you know...

Funny Duct Tape

Duct Tape
Show creative ways of using duct tape - fixing something, products / objects and art, etc., using duct tape. As long as duct tape is used in some way - your entry qualifies.

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