Please, Don't Tap On The Glass
Please, Don't Tap On The Glass
Please, Don't Tap On The Glass.

Funny Wire Tapping Nikolas Sarkozy

Wire Tapping Nikolas Sarkozy
French secret tapes of Sarkozy ruled legal in inquiry
Member reactions:
Seriously love this one. From the vintage look to the caricatures and humor.
Thanks compadres. Glad you liked it, Vladski.

Funny Vladimir Putin Guarding Europe's Gas Tap

Vladimir Putin Guarding Europe's Gas Tap
Member reactions:
Very glad you like it,SteveGSQ. Thank you.
Very illuminating and nice caricature done to the source....
Masters Job Pheonomenon work done Excellent Concept and very well executed
Congrats on winning the gold, gugulanul.
Congratulations on your Gold Trophy GuGulanul, polished and colorful, a phenomenal work..
Thank you SteveGSQ,UncleChamp,geriatric ... ...
Thank you very much,RICKYTREK1. An appreciation coming from you is more than a trophy ... Thank you very much,robinbobin ... ...

Funny Flying Taps in the Sky

Flying Taps in the Sky
Member reactions:
Nice, made me laugh. One question. Should the balloons reflect a bit in the faucets. Love that they reflect in the water. ; )
Bmore, great idea, I'll try do that and repost as edit entry
Awesome.... three dimensional drops.... greatwork full marks
This is the concept I have Never seen before a real chop
Woowww, cool. To have a work placed first among so many other good works is truly an honor, thank you all, friends
Congrats, Demboscki... Hurray for us...
Congrats on your first gold, Demboski. Woo Hoo.
I like the idea and precise work, Demboscki .Congrats on the Gold...

Funny Whitney Left The Taps On in New York

Whitney Left The Taps On in New York
"If I have told to her once I have told her a thousand times, TURN THE FREAKING TAPS OFF... it will kill her one day...
Member reactions:
Get set wet.. Come to the Northend and get dry yourself..
Nice to the smile on the Liberty, very well done with the water effect and nice composition

Funny Spinal Tap Pictogram

Spinal Tap Pictogram
Member reactions:
Ha. Very funny -- love the tiny Pi figure.

Funny The Beatles in Spinal Tap

The Beatles in Spinal Tap
Member reactions:
Quality work. Ringo may need some shadows from his glasses though

Funny Taps in the Sky Filling Ocean

Taps in the Sky Filling Ocean
I took the original when on holiday in Croatia, see: and found a tap and some water via google.
Member reactions:
With your moniker in the URL of your source file, you're easily identifiable, 'hidden' author. Cool chop, by the way...
I like your source photo and love what you did with it. Reminds me some art work by Rene Magritte

Funny Turtle Tap Eating Grass

Turtle Tap Eating Grass
I like animals...
Member reactions:
This chop rocks It is amazing texture work. I recall this source as perhaps one Kratos used, one of his early entries but considerably different.

Funny Rhinoceros Tap

Rhinoceros Tap
Member reactions:
congratsssss berulano ohh 1st silver )) nice
Thanks All.From now begin love fittings and rhinos....
Terrrrrriffic Chop and what great bending of reality. Congrads on the Silver.
Congratulations Berdulano, was perfect in tecnic , very nice work, deserved place. Cheers Mandrak
congrats. i like the idea and clean work, good job.

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