Back with tanks
Back with tanks
Back with tanks.


Mad scientists helps Justin Bieber retire.
Member reactions:
fantasy, details, colours.....good chop hidden
I always though there's something fishy with his brain Creative, impressive work.
Newsey. He's not quite a total fish head but he's 1/2 way there. Thanks Silvercanine, Wanderer, and Luciano
Kellie, I tried to be easy on the kid this time . Thanks NM, Silvercanine, Wanderer and Luciano.
Fantabolus job done... he got some vegetation in his head great details and awesome chop congrats on this outcome
Your composition here will forever be etched in my mind from this time forth. It's so bizarre and absurd, one wonders what kind of a "mind" could even come up with something like this. . Let's just say my jaw dropped down to the floor when I first laid my eyes on it and the super-realness of it is so "out of the world", only someone with a preternatural talent for the surreal could pull it off and no question about it, you're one of them. Great job.
Awesome work... great colors and detail... congratulations on Gold..
Thanks Rajesh, Bunacode, JS, Doc and Newsey. Bunacode, , great compliment. Once in a while if inspired or provoked and I have a little extra time I'll sink my teeth a little deeper into a chop. I do like to tell stories with them which makes the viewer a partner and work his or her brain a little harder. Surrealism is a great way to achieve that. Some people might miss the dichotomy of symbolism as to whether this kid is a mouse a shark or an empty headed teenager.Hehe Personally I thin he's a little of all three. Thanks

Funny Tanks


Funny 3:10 to Tidmouth with Thomas the Tank Engine

3:10 to Tidmouth with Thomas the Tank Engine
Sir Topham Hatt remanded to Tidmouth Prison for gross environmental violations at the Sodor Coal Mine. No Coal in Sodor. Original Film Poster of Original Film

Funny Harvester Tank

Harvester Tank
Member reactions:
If Tanks were used to Harvest the fields then there would not be any shortage of food because the tougher works for our fields good idea

Funny Giant Turtle Tank at War

Giant Turtle Tank at War
Member reactions:
The great body of turtle is perfect to chop for a Armored Tank good idea
Dino turtle is so freaky giant,,, nice use of the huge Turtle

Funny Turtle Tank on the Beach

Turtle Tank on the Beach
Member reactions:
This is awesome. a Turtle with Satellite receiver and a Tank great job done nice job looks terrifying on the seas
Featured turtle with skill of hiding head inside the shell and putting out the Turbo

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger with Kim Jong Il on his Tank

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Kim Jong Il on his Tank
Is North Korea ready.

Funny Army Tank in Thomas Kinkade Painting

Army Tank in Thomas Kinkade Painting
Painting - Thomas Kinkade - The Autumn Gate

Funny Rush Limbaugh's Radio Wars as a Tank

Rush Limbaugh's Radio Wars as a Tank
The Old Tank
Member reactions:
Hilarious to see his situation good use of Tank in this chop
This is awesome... I want to be like that some day when I visit my freaky friend in next street

Funny Tanks Fer Nuttin'

Tanks Fer Nuttin'
Thanksgiving is a time when we're grateful for what we have in our lives. Sometimes, however, we'd like to thank some people for nothing, such as obnoxious bosses for ruining our work environment, bad exes for making our life miserable, or some politicians for the suffering we endure because of their actions. Today we're going to offer precisely these kinds of thanks. Create de-motivational posters satirically thanking somebody. Here's a good example, and another good example. Try to make them mimic the classic motivational posters format like the examples above - black background, image in the middle, followed by the title word(s), and demotivational message below. The image in the middle has to be photoshopped, so you can not just take unaltered photo and add text to it.

Funny Tanks

UK Ministry of Defence revealed the new British tank that is practically invisible on a battlefield. The tank uses the breakthrough technology - cameras beam the images of surrounding environment into a tank, making it practically disappear. One soldier who participated in testing of these tank units said "This technology is incredible. I would not have believed it if I were not present there. I looked across the field and saw grass and trees, while in reality I was looking at the tank." The "invisible" tanks will be in mass production for the British military by 2012. Photoshop any military tanks any way you wish. Some examples are: merging tanks with cars or other objects, including tanks in old paintings, etc. We will allow any type of tank models - old and new, and even toy tanks.

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