Barbie Battle Tank
Barbie Battle Tank
Barbie Battle Tank. Member reactions:
Top congrats John ,clever,cute and well executed

Funny Small Army Tank

Small Army Tank
Member reactions:
Ha, probably knock itself over if it fired a round.
Love it. Just an observation the tred at the base between the wheels looks misaligned. One side just needs tweaking.
Good fix. Be fun to see a big tank commander, make the tank seem really small.
Great fix congrats luciano my fave in the comp
Small tank yes... but French tank . Congratulations for the bronze

Funny Mini Tank with Skeleton Soldiers

Mini Tank with Skeleton Soldiers
Member reactions:
Andrew. Pretty silly hahahahah

Funny Groundhog General in an Army Tank

Groundhog General in an Army Tank
Member reactions:
Congrats on the gold Hit,knew this one was a winner
TY much LC. It was actually figurines I used as sources and created the sepia with a back layer of gold sun burst and gray clouds layer made transparent 15%. Chopping 101 essentially. Thanks Bob and Andrew.

Funny Moving new Russian Tank across Red Square

Moving new Russian Tank across Red Square
Member reactions:
Nice emotion Seems he wants to bath with the wine.

Funny Animals at War on a Tank

Animals at War on a Tank
Member reactions:
...I almost hear his war cry. Nice Job, Hidden.
Sargent Furry Fuzball . Cute one Andwhat

Funny Kim Jong Un and Obama Magicians with Putin Chained in a Water Tank

Kim Jong Un and Obama Magicians with Putin Chained in a Water Tank
Member reactions:
Thank you, Sulliishere, Lucianomorelli, Hitspinner and Elegary.

Funny Shark Tank Cast as Sharks

Shark Tank Cast as Sharks
New Season
Member reactions:
Amazing work on water and those black scary eye are putting fancy vampire looks
Excellent. Great touch the light in the eyes.
Double Bronze congrats, Tim. Excellent job on my favorite show.
Thanks Luciano, Joan, Swashbuckle, Eric and Crafty
That scared the poop out of me, I could hardly bear to look very long.
Sorry Christine, but they are scary people hahaaha. They are millionaires and billionaires that can make or break people. Thanks much PJ, Gummy, DD and Wanderer too.
Congrats on the bronze too, fine work, Hits.

Funny Camouflaged Shoe Army Tank

Camouflaged Shoe Army Tank
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver cup.... Very smart and well done, Luciano

Funny Barack Obama in an Army Tank

Barack Obama in an Army Tank
Obama says he will defend Estonia if necessary
Member reactions:
Tasty Ice-cream, Estonian people cant understand his act They only thought some candy man is with treats
Many excellent touches here, the slingshot is my favorite.
Obama with crazy teeth revealing all his inner secrets and Biden knows well good chop
Nicely done. Congrats on the gold, Doc. No surprise
Gold congrats, Paul. As usual excellent work.

Funny Tanks Fer Nuttin'

Tanks Fer Nuttin'
Thanksgiving is a time when we're grateful for what we have in our lives. Sometimes, however, we'd like to thank some people for nothing, such as obnoxious bosses for ruining our work environment, bad exes for making our life miserable, or some politicians for the suffering we endure because of their actions. Today we're going to offer precisely these kinds of thanks. Create de-motivational posters satirically thanking somebody. Here's a good example, and another good example. Try to make them mimic the classic motivational posters format like the examples above - black background, image in the middle, followed by the title word(s), and demotivational message below. The image in the middle has to be photoshopped, so you can not just take unaltered photo and add text to it.

Funny Tanks

UK Ministry of Defence revealed the new British tank that is practically invisible on a battlefield. The tank uses the breakthrough technology - cameras beam the images of surrounding environment into a tank, making it practically disappear. One soldier who participated in testing of these tank units said "This technology is incredible. I would not have believed it if I were not present there. I looked across the field and saw grass and trees, while in reality I was looking at the tank." The "invisible" tanks will be in mass production for the British military by 2012. Photoshop any military tanks any way you wish. Some examples are: merging tanks with cars or other objects, including tanks in old paintings, etc. We will allow any type of tank models - old and new, and even toy tanks.

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