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Funny Tan Pictures

Turkey TanFunny Turkey Tan
Member reactions:
Tastes just like chicken
ahahahahahahaha toooooooooo funny, fantastic job my friend, is ready for cooking ... send me the chest and thigh.
the dress to this dressed chicken looks perfect
Thanks everyone for the great comments.

New York Cop Spray TanningFunny New York Cop Spray Tanning
Member reactions:

Tanned Royal Family Wedding PhotoFunny Tanned Royal Family Wedding Photo
Member reactions:
Middleton tan leads to huge sale in bronzing products
Lots of detail work here...they look like Aliens.
Looks like they all became African Americans.

Skeleton in Nuclear Tanning BoothFunny Skeleton in Nuclear Tanning Booth
Member reactions:

many compliments... this work is fantastic
Thank you all for the nice compliments.

BP Gulf Coast Tanning OilFunny BP Gulf Coast Tanning Oil
Member reactions:

Tony Hayward, BP CEO, promoting his new product: Gulf Coast Tanning Oil as president Obama does what he does best...relax in his hammock.
Congrats on the wood thekillerbee, very nice work

Girl on the Earth Getting a Moon TanFunny Girl on the Earth Getting a Moon Tan
Member reactions:

The Giant Tanning ClamFunny The Giant Tanning Clam
Member reactions:

For All You Black & Tan LoversFunny For All You Black & Tan Lovers
Member reactions:

Maybe we should use a bottle opener rather than a scoop. No Kidding.
Interesting story...I wonder why no one goes after the beer names.

Ringring Brack and Tan BeerFunny Ringring Brack and Tan Beer
Member reactions:

Oh no.
Hmmmm I dunno..they did pretty good with Saki...
Ringring Brack & Tan: For those with more worrdry tastes.
Congratrurations.... Well done fine sir.

Black and TanFunny Black and Tan
Member reactions:

Mashby's Black and Tan Wine

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