Giant Tampon Fixes Oil Spill
Giant Tampon Fixes Oil Spill
Giant Tampon Fixes Oil Spill.

Funny Duct Tape Tampon

Duct Tape Tampon
Member reactions:
hmmmmmmmmmmmm,maybe ,i wonder how absorbent,though.
LoL andwhat, I actually thought this pretty creative

Funny Space Station Tampon

Space Station Tampon
No man, in his right mind, would be caught dead on this space station. Please View Full Before Voting, Details are Much Cleaner.
Member reactions:
great awsome idea and execution here, an entry out of this world
Excellent entry. Hopefully it has plenty of chocolate on board.
You're blindly going where no woman has gone before...
"Mission Control...the good news is, she's horny as a goat. The bad news is...we're out of chocolate. Request emergency launch of chocolate resupply ship."

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