Tampax Ketchup
Tampax Ketchup
Tampax Ketchup. for a bloody good time
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You have a shadow conflict. On ketchup and burger shadow is on the left instead cat shadow is on the right so ... try to fix that and you will have a top photo
thanks roadrunner44. i made some changes, i hope for the better. keep in mind that there are multiple light sources and that the part on top of the bottle is empty and that the white background merges through overexposure with that part. it was so on the original photo. the highlighted part and the shadow underneath tell you where the main lightsource is located. thanks for helping.
Did you get the p ussy reference.
Though I found the chop brilliant at the first sight, I didn't get the reference at first, Hidden. It's hilarious.
And to think Geriatric called ME twisted. This one tops mine in the twisted genre .
a twisted chop from a twisted guy. thanks guys.
Top 5, congrats Jere. I have just got a call from Tampax, they want to use this ad for their new feline product line
now we're talking. we'll split the first million of course.

Funny Tampax Rocket Launch

Tampax Rocket Launch
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You rang the Bell with this chop. Absolutely and. unquestionably, the funniest moment of my day.Good Luck.
Mind blowing.. ha ha ha its like Big bang theory new version
Wonderful this rocket is being fueled by Vodka and the flames behind and above trigger the ignition very funny to see the balloons also used
Fantastic design of the rocket and nice costume selection.
Thanks everyone. I appreciate the great comments.
Congrats Doc...that combo should blow up on the launch pad, .

Funny Tampax Hot Air Balloon

Tampax Hot Air Balloon

Funny Tampax Mints

Tampax Mints
Feminine Hygiene at it's best.

Funny Tampax Plane

Tampax Plane
tampax must choose wisely what they advertise on.
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The string hanging out the back is great.
does the plain stay dry. Lol string
Gotta love the string out the back. Great job.

Funny Tampax Airlines

Tampax Airlines
Trans Am and Tampax merging...This is the result...
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A pilot taxiing in Miami got his licence suspended for a month for answering the tower: "Rodger, Sir, cleared to follow that Tampax..." Pic: http://www.al-airliners.be/t-z/tampa/qt-707.jpg (Tampa Airline is or was the biggest cargo carrier of Colombia...)

Funny Tampax

if only...
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if only, for who, but the idea is worth a 10

Funny Olympic Tampax

Olympic Tampax
Well, somebody had to do it...

Funny Tampax Airlines

Tampax Airlines

Funny Fed Ex Home Delivery Tampax

Fed Ex  Home Delivery Tampax
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Glad you started entering regular contests, not just Freak Shows.

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