Tammy Cruise
Tammy Cruise
Tammy Cruise. Member reactions:
I like this, but I feel like the stubble should continue up more towards the ear. And the forehead feels just a tiny bit too big.

Funny Tammy Faye Baker

Tammy Faye Baker

Funny Without Tammy

Without Tammy
She always did know how to make herself seen, even when invisible. For the critics, that's capped teeth and a can's worth of hair spray - not an oversight. (If you've never seen Jim & Tammy Bakker before, lucky you.)
Member reactions:
That thing around her neck (is that a watch.), what happens to the left side of it.
raygreg, it looks like one of those 'fashion collar' necklaces. Her shoulderpads are so big and fluffy the collar is hiding under it without leaving a dent.
Way too funny. She was truly frightful in her hayday. Trick ot Treat.

Funny Tammy Faye Baker in Horror Movie

Tammy Faye Baker in Horror Movie
Member reactions:
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