An Eel to Eel Talk Digital Art
An Eel to Eel Talk Digital Art
An Eel to Eel Talk Digital Art. a story waiting to be told.

Funny Girl Talking to a Cow

Girl Talking to a Cow
the child thinks of his friend and wonders if cow ended up in a butcher shop.

Funny Talking Tree

Talking Tree
Member reactions:
Quality wood texture work. This entry is bound to get a woody.

Funny Barack Obama Talking Bull

Barack Obama Talking Bull
Member reactions:
Obama; being what he is, doing what he does best.

Funny Barack Obama Talking to Alf in His Office

Barack Obama Talking to Alf in His Office
Full Screen for details.

Funny Vladimir Putin Talking on a Shoe Phone

Vladimir Putin Talking on a Shoe Phone
Member reactions:
I like how you brought Anna Chapman - the Red Head - here Quality colorization work too

Funny Limbaugh and Hannity Stop Talking

Limbaugh and Hannity Stop Talking
Member reactions:
, what an irony

Funny Talking Pear

Talking Pear
Member reactions:
Very clean blend - I like how you blended the green lips
Wood for Pear and Ground Zero. Congratulations.

Funny Man Talking to Aliens

Man Talking to Aliens
As the job market crashes, more and more people are accepting anything to pay the bills.
Member reactions:
Cute audience. All eyes. Or maybe those are all ears.. HA. Luv this.
An Alien Idol. . Look at those admirers. Me likes this one a lot.
Heheheh Thanks, Yeah those little alien guys have been floating around the net for a while now. I just multiplied them and characterized a couple faces. I had actually pinched quie a few different cartoon alien pics to use in this but just ran out of gas. There is always next time, they never go to waste.
silver for Hitspinner, that was a close one.
I luv how the aliens have different expressions... they are so cute and adorable. Congrats on #2.
Fabulous Spinnerman, you always amaze me with your work, congratulations as always.
Excellent HS, I pegged this for an AZR Your chops just keep getting better, congrats.
I have always loved those little aliens from toy story. This chop is fantastic and indeed you are chopping up to a whole different level. I've gotta get my stuff together and try to advance myself yet again. The competition in the amatures is getting fierce lately too. Watch out, there's a whole new breed on their way up. Congrats on a killer silver. Hope all is well in spinnerland. P.S. I just noticed the umbrella up top, I really have to add one to my next chop now. LoL
I See You captured the Pain ...In this piece. Ahhr. Ahhr. Take Care. Hitspinner.
Humor is the most therapeutic pill in my medicine cabinet. Thanks. Doing much better

Funny Howard Stern Talking to a Bird

Howard Stern Talking to a Bird
sorry i had too,
Member reactions:
the Bird poo. I know who this chopper must be tehehehe. Stern should buy you a house.. Beautiful work....
i made the poop myself .. * not literally
Congrats Premie Tell Howie to get back on public radio.
hed neverrr do it... rain,, thanks everyone ..i was surprised howard got good marks.... was it the poo.
Sat radio is dieing off, he needs to come back and chat to the masses
Hey Pree, congrats on the cup, nice clean chop here.
Bird poop.

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