Soft Talk
Soft Talk
Soft Talk. Israel, U.S. hold secret talks over Palestinian Authority's UN bid

Funny Pillow Talking Putin

Pillow Talking Putin
Member reactions:
Very now Putin has drop his pants and belt for the latest information funny to see him without clothes under the bed
Putin says: Don't let the (bed) bugs bite.
O yeh.. naughty Putin Under cover/Bed agent with Gadgets and perfect Spy location

Funny Tebow Talking to God Painting

Tebow Talking to God Painting
Member reactions:
I like this one, Nike ads are very subtle
Hey,the Florida boy does well and so did you.
Intelligent placement of hand and the man. Its Nice(Nike)
Good concept, but the Left hand looks bit smaller to the right the chop and texture were well matched and specially the goggles were too freaky

Funny Jude Law Talking on a Cell Phone

Jude Law Talking on a Cell Phone
Jude Law Settles Phone Hacking Claim
Member reactions:
Really great job on this piece hidden ...
So many good one's, and a hard way to make a nickle.
Thanks Pix and Ho. Appreciate the comments.
Congrats on being featured again oldman love the look of this one I thought for sure it was the sleeper

Funny Barack Obama Talking to Tiny Michelle

Barack Obama Talking to Tiny Michelle

Funny Political Talking Heads Stamps

Political Talking Heads Stamps
...from the talking heads. Better in larger view.
Member reactions:
Thanks, pcrdds, I was in a kind of a pop art mood.
Thanks JoaoN, Nanny and NewsMaster. I had a fun time playing with colors and all the pieces. The heads were actually done with the line drawing tutorial by one of the members here.

Funny An Eel to Eel Talk Digital Art

An Eel to Eel Talk Digital Art
a story waiting to be told.

Funny Girl Talking to a Cow

Girl Talking to a Cow
the child thinks of his friend and wonders if cow ended up in a butcher shop.

Funny Talking Tree

Talking Tree
Member reactions:
Quality wood texture work. This entry is bound to get a woody.

Funny Barack Obama Talking Bull

Barack Obama Talking Bull
Member reactions:
Obama; being what he is, doing what he does best.

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