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Taking Some SouvenirsFunny Taking Some Souvenirs
Member reactions:

Fantastic... this is crazy chop... funny and hilarious to see Obama in a dacoit avatar good composition
Awesome Awesome Awesome, the way he (Mask-Man) is carrying this frames of Legends is so mysterious
. The mask makes him look like Zorro. (not to be confused with Zero )
Thanks, everyone. Newsy, he's trying to go "incognito." I don't think it worked very well.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, PJ. Thanks, Newsy.

Sailing takes me AwayFunny Sailing takes me Away
Member reactions:

good job.... like the pirate avatar done to him

Flying Car Takes Test FlightFunny Flying Car Takes Test Flight
Member reactions:
A flying car makes its first test flight. I thought it only fitting that Capt. "Sully" Sullenberger, the hero of the landing on the Hudson River, sit behind the wheel.
Great to see this being made possible in near future well done to match the news story
Capt. Sully is a legend. He'd probably fly and land anything.
And wood for Paulie too. Flying high here... congrats.
Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, G-Man.
Another double. I am finally noticing a trend LMFAO You sure cover these Weekly News slots with a lot of chops. This one reminds me of a little penguin that broke down in the desert. Got towed to a shop and was told to come back in an hour. So the little penguin goes next door to an ice cream shop and eats an entire gallon of vanilla ice cream. To his dismay, they ran out of napkins so the little guy had to wear all that ice cream on his Face and flippers.. He goes back to the mechanic and says, "so what is the verdict." The mechanic looks at him for a long second and says, "It looks like you blew a seal." To which the little penguin cried, "Nooo Nooo Nooo it's ice cream."
No Doc, It's a compliment. Fact is it is a big compliment when I take the time to share one of my best jokes. But I think you refer to my comment about the multiple submissions which should be no confusion. You submit a lot of chops in the News contest but very few in others comparatively. News is clearly your passion. I submit more in Freakshow, the other side to that observation.
Yes, I love the News contests because I can make fun of anything and everything going on in the world. I also love the "given image" contests because I can let my mind run wild with possibilities.

Taking over every part of lifeFunny Taking over every part of life
Member reactions:

Awesome... i would like spend more time using this Like the title and its finish looks original
Cool. You might consider adding some perspective to the iCrap text.
You created a true office here, very funny.
Clever and hilarious. Congrats on your first advanced gold, Matro.

It Takes A Woman . . .Funny It Takes A Woman . . .
Member reactions:

Rachel Ray Takes OverFunny Rachel Ray Takes Over
Member reactions:

Rachel Ray is a cook and has her own shows on television in the USA.
Excellent work on the original this looks bit modern lovely chop with the mix drinks concept
Thanks, people. Glad you noticed Charlie, gungasdindin.
Congrats, on the Woody.....Paul. Great work,my friend.
Congrats on the Wood. Would have probably made Gold if you had done her relection of her hair (ha).
* wood congrat's dear master_friend pcrdds...^v^

All Guns Have Been Taken!Funny All Guns Have Been Taken!
Member reactions:

Taking From A Rich KardashianFunny Taking From A Rich Kardashian
Member reactions:

Wealthy Kim Kardashian should not have gone to the beach that day.
Yeah, that surfer is a little suspicious looking, huh.
Ha ha ha This is realistic chop.... Can see her stuff falling down kids must avoid watching this Obama pick up the right part of his choice Beware.....
The surfer, the guy with light sword and Obama stealing the half body of Kim...great imagination and well crafted. Gold congrats P.

TakenFunny Taken
Member reactions:

So what was taken. the Halloween Pumpkin good idea
Congrats on the silver, Jimshorts. I like the text
Clever remake. Congrats on the silver, Jim.

Biden Takes Nothing SeriouslyFunny Biden Takes Nothing Seriously
Member reactions:

Biden laughs throughout the Vice Presidential debate.
Great Composition Obama looks stunning great view
The standard hairs of Biden and intake of happy pills make him laugh... and Ryan is get stuck with the lighting strike on his head Well done in this chop by showing the timer device and Red Bull effects make him laugh ... well done
Whooopee chop, amazingly executed with thunder work and obama's dress is awesome, I love this chop its a master peace
grats mate. another dubble. Never thought someone would go after the Rainmans nr 1 position, but you seem well on your way.
Thanks, jeremix. I won't live long enough to even come close to Rainman. Thanks, Bob.
Many ideas, many details in this wonderful chop. Congrats on the gold, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. I had a lot of fun doing this. I forgot the borscht.

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